30 December, 2014

S'h'aving Grace

At the laid-back age of 5, one of my favourite pass times was watching my father shave. I would devoutly watch him regularly shaving the bristly hair off his jaws and chin for a look that suited his profession - that of a banker.

It fascinated me to see him wet the shaving brush, apply a generous dollop of shaving cream on it, and lather it swiftly all over his stubble. Sometimes he would chase me with his foamy face and I would run squealing around the house, hiding behind my mother with fits of giggles escaping me as I dodged him.

Once we were done with our little drama, I would again watch, unconsciously holding my breath, as my father swiped off the cream with a razor. Now and then he would swirl the cream filled razor under the water and repeat the swiping action. Soon, all the prickly hair was cut and my father's jaw would be utterly-butterly smooth.

It was a magical treat for me every day to see my father go from a rough look to a suave one that too with just a cream, brush and razor!

Put it down to being a routine for me to see a stubble free face, but the sight of a face with stubble makes me cringe. Styling it is fine but a just-woke-up-from-sleep stubble is a disturbing sight, especially in a professional environment.

I have come across men who dress impeccably from top to bottom but their two-day old stubble simply destroys their off-the-ramp look. From a distance I go, "Oh wow, now there's a man who knows his style!" until he is a few feet away and makes me go "Euggghh! That infant beard is so damn horrible!!" I instantly feel my nose wrinkling up in disgust while my lips curl in contempt at the sight.

This distaste for scruffiness is aggravated at social gatherings where I'm not sure if some men purposely sport a stubble out of loyalty to their favourite actor, sports player or celebrity. Some of them attend a wedding in elegant sherwanis or suits along with their dear thorny stubble. It is literally a test of endurance to witness the catastrophic clash of stylish clothes with that nightmarish prickly gorse bush. There have been times when I wished I had shears to snip off those ghastly thorns!

Worst of all are the selfies! As if I needed more punishment. My eyes are sore from the harsh pics of stubble-faces popping on social media. And then they complain that they are single! Well, hello, have you looked at yourself?

What do you think goes in a girl's mind when she sees such an untamed, unruly mess on your face? It's this "If this guy neglects basic grooming, if he isn't maintaining himself and is completely fine putting himself forward as an unkempt dunce then this is probably how he will treat me and our relationship too."

Imagine you see a girl with a just-got-out-of-bed look with hair not done and puffy, baggy eyes. Appealing? I think not.

So clean up all you stubble guys. You may think that shaving robs you of your rough and tough, masculine look but it's the opposite. You can look dashing and stylish with a clean, smooth, neat face. You can always style your beard but keep the stubble away, please.

There's nothing more charming than a man who knows that a shaved face does not make him any less a man.

So guys, Will You Shave?

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