30 June, 2014

My Role Model - R

A Role Model used to be an idea I would turn up my nose against. Only low self-esteem, insecure people had role models, not me! And so I believed for around two decades of my life.

But ah, the inevitable had to happen. My belief and prejudice had to be shaken out of prideful slumber. I met R*, a normal, common, everyday person, who soon became my exclusive close friend.

In R I saw a person who went against the odds, not just once but time and again in life.

Every time I thought that life couldn't get worse than this for R, or that situations and circumstances couldn't be more unfair, R would defy it all and overcome the obstacles with a will, determination and confidence that is rare to be witnessed.

When self-pity, despair, misery and worthlessness are easy companions to befriend at such times, R showed me that with a heart set in deep faith, a will rooted in firm ground and a determination to do all one can is all that is needed to take on the hardest, toughest and most draining challenges of life.

Even during the torments that buffeted my friend, R remained the helpful, considerate, thoughtful and caring friend to all. R set an exemplary example of a person who didn't let the situations get the best, instead R enjoyed the challenges and valiantly faced them.

Anyone can be a successful person, but a real successful person is one who can face adversities and enjoy them for the lessons and self-discovery that they bring.

R is a rare successful person who showed me that you don't need fame, money or beauty to be successful, you just needed to be yourself, at all times, no matter how hard life can be on you.

From someone who has taught me not just through words but also through actions, a role model is not just for people with low self-esteem or insecurity, a role model is someone who adds value and motivation in our life, and makes us want to be the best we know we can be. 

For me, R is #MyRoleModel !

Thank you R for being here, for showing how wrong I could be, and for showing me what I CAN be!

Here's another 'R' - Rahul Dravid speaking about his Role Model. 

Who's yours?

*Name withheld for privacy. Situations not mentioned as it is extremely personal to R.

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