06 September, 2011

Cocooned in Whispers of Silence

 In the wee hours of morning, when all one can hear are the crickets chirping away, a delicate feeling of quietness steals up from the fingertips, reaches down to the toes, envelops the ears, trips across the chest and then finally seeps into the soul.

And there it stays, moments frozen for a lifetime.

One inhales the silence, the beauty of this sound tinkling through the mind and heart.

Silence whispers soothingly, and sings to the mind a beautiful lullaby.

The melody softly entwines itself between worries and sadness, pain and helplessness, fear and insecurity. They drift away, as quietness, lightness and peace fill the torn gaps of the soul and mind.

A caring touch shoots through the body as silence makes her way slowly - cradling and nestling one into the heavenly warmth of her embrace.

The heart throbs to a steady rhythm, the eyelids close, open and close again, consciousness slips into unconsciousness, and one floats away on boats of dreams over clear blue waters that reflect the diamonds of the sky.

Beauty in Silence.