29 August, 2011

‘App’soolutely ‘Fun’tastic!

 'Good things in life comes in small packages', goes the well known saying; and seeming to endorse this view is the Intel App Center with it’s unified platform which holds a wide range of applications that can make anyone gape with wonder. Well, it’s about any app under the sun, exclusively for your PCs and netbooks – gaming apps, business planner apps, health apps, book apps, music apps… well, let me just make it easier for you by listing a few apps that were eye-catching, jaw-dropping and ear buzzing… well, you get the drift!

A. There are times at office or at home, when work gets too much, stress jumps with spikes on your head and your pressure valve is just about to burst – now in such times, what is that universal element that gives you an outlet and heralds calm relief?

No, taking a loo break isn’t really the answer I’m looking for here, it’s MUSIC!

From pre-historic times to today’s fast-paced times, from animals to humans (who actually are basically animals – biologically speaking-wise, homo sapiens, that kind of stuff), all of us enjoy the soothing or head-banging strains of music. And I know that most of you will agree that you sometimes get fed up of listening to your multiple playlists over and over again. Well, here’s a fresh app that will help you discover new music -



This app (which made me go jumping excitedly like a school-girl) seems heaven sent! It’s a huge music library, filled with millions of songs! You want to listen to your favourite artists? Just type the name and song and bingo – there it is within a fraction of a second! Not only this, you can also explore genres, artists and songs out here – build up your own totally mixed, weird playlist and share it on FB, Twitter, your website/blog!! As the music plays, you also get a widget code if you feel like sharing that song on your website! Plus, there are radio stations which you can tune into anytime and sway along to the beats! It’s also a kind of cool social platform if your friends join in – share music, listen to what the other is going ga-ga about. Also, there are cool ‘themes’ to choose from for your Grooveshark desktop app. All-in-all, beat those work woes a big LOUD MUSICAL goodbye!

B. “Brain-storming session”, your boss announces early morning… and you groan inwardly at the thought of coming up with great ideas even before you’ve had your morning cuppa’, but not to worry buddy, because what can save you from utter disaster (I'm not underestimating your talents here) is -



No, it wasn’t created by Steve Jobs, though I wonder if he ever tried playing this game. This game, created by PopcornApps, is all about how much of a genius you are! Sound enticing? Not yet? okay… this game gives you a hint (a description of sorts comes with this) and you have to enter the word that bests fits this ‘description’.

Now, the challenge lies in the category of the description, which could range from ‘geography’ to ‘literature’ to ‘names’, basically, anything and everything. So, as you try your wits in solving the hints, you will be lubricating your otherwise rusty-brains for that dreaded brain-storming session, which by the time you go for, will be cheesecake compared to this game :P

So, you get a chance to impress your boss, charm his intriguing secretary, plus you feel you’ve reached the ranks of Einstein! Now, that’s quite a nice feeling – instant perk up, better than the caffeine you consume on other days! Go ahead genius fella – show them who the genius is!

C. Sundays have always been the day for laziness to reign. As you stretch yourself in front of your PC, lazily browsing through numerous sites, looking through mundane news about celeb split-ups, economy going down, scams galore – you almost wonder if there was a site where you could just sit back and lazily read through; and that’s where our next app comes like a knight in shining armour -



The e-book twin of Grooveshark, Wattpad is an online library that gives you the chance to scout through several e-books. They have everything from classics to horror, from sci-fi to romance, from plays to poetry! All your favourite authors, poets and playwrights – almost all of their works are featured here. Plus, if you are a writer, novelist/author or a poet, this site enables you to share your short stories and poems with the Wattpad community members. How engaging is that? So, next time, if you ever feel like a light read or need a dose of humour, you know where to go and get it asap!

D. Has it ever happened with you – that you are on vacation in a never-visited-before holiday destination, loosening up those tight purse strings and indulging in the finest fun activities, when you realise that your portable bank (wallet) is no longer as full as you imagined it to be? You are now all in a dither wondering where the closest Bank or ATM is that will bless you with some cash (credit cards don’t really work in flea markets, you know). Well, thankfully, Palewar Techno Solutions have created the -

ATM Locator App

ATM Locator

This handy app helps you search for Banks/ATMs located in the area you are in. You can search by area and city, besides that the best quality of this App is that it works offline! They do have a clause though that says that they do not claim responsibility for accuracy of the information. So just keep that in mind and if you’re ever in a monetary fix (of the urgent cash type), keep ATM Locator in mind to stop you from fretting too much on your holiday!

Chill out, enjoy and happy splurging guys!!

E. In today’s digital and social media age, there are many times when most executives are busy jet-setting around the country and the world, trying to further prospects and opportunities in business. Now there are times when you urgently want to communicate with your colleagues about a certain development and as a video call is not feasible every time, due to time differences etc., you wish that there was a simple medium that would help ease out this situation. Prepare to welcome the useful App -

Co-Op Team Communicator

Co-op Team

This App is a great tool to synchronise activities between team members situated at different geographical locations and time zones. This app provides you the chance to post updates, questions, links and other doubts related to work – which your colleagues can communicate back to you via the same platform. This app helps teams to keep abreast of developments and statuses of projects within the team. It’s great in keeping the different teams updated on the same level without any team feeling left out!

Pssst... I feel that this is an ideal platform for those who work from home for their companies/workplaces.

F. There are times, when you are chewing your nail while travelling to work, when suddenly, POP! comes an idea of the ever-brilliant-kind and you hurriedly jot it down in your notepad, or tweet it, or put it as your Facebook status. And that’s where you leave it at. Now, that one small idea could actually be mulled over and be created into something much more creative. This is where our last app promotes the writer in you to take a big step forward. See for yourself with -

                                                     Blog This


This really nicely thought-out app, that supports posting your blog to Wordpress and Facebook Notes, is perfect for those who tweet their sudden ideas or who put up their random thoughts on Facebook. Now this wonderful app reminds you about your recent status updates and tweets that may help you in expanding these few lines into a novel or a poem or a research article! Now, that should promote the writer in you to a higher level, right? Your next small thought could lead you to exploring your skills and generating heaps of ideas once you start pedalling through your thoughts. Who knows, through luck and hardwork, your creativity may lead you right to being a renowned author!

Autograph please? ;)

 Whether you are at office, or you are just lazing around at home, you can either get a lot of work done or just have a ball with the apps provided in the Intel App Center. It’s a very simple platform with diverse categories to help you choose the apps from. It caters to almost everyone’s needs. There are educational apps for children; games apps for, well, game addicts; health apps for the health conscious folks; travel apps for travel freaks; social media apps that help you always be in touch with your online pals; and much much more.




That was a little sneak view of the Intel App Center... and oh! before I go (that rhymes), yeah, the Intel App Center supports these operating systems:

  • Windows XP Home 32 bits SP 3 (with .net framework 3.5 SP1)
  • Windows XP Professional 32 bits (with .net framework 3.5 SP1)
  • Windows 7 Starter 32 bits
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bits
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits
  • Windows 7 Professional 32 bits
  • Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bits
Sadly, Windows Vista is not supported.

So all you have to do, is download the Intel App Center onto your PC or net book, search for your app goodies, and get going! Not all the apps are free, you may have to pay for some. So, just check that when you're scouting for your dream app.

Cheerio folks and have an ‘app’soolutely great time!!

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Venice :)

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