29 June, 2011

One Step at a Time

One step at a time that’s how everyone learns to progress in life – though there are times when one can leap ahead [but that’s at a few chosen moments.] From learning that ‘A’ is for ‘Apple’ to writing business letters that include words like ‘Accrue’, one goes quite far after learning the fundamentals. 

That’s how it started with me and writing. One small verse of poetry and a new connection to my thoughts had begun. Where my thoughts were, there my writing was. I used to sneak a few scribbles during classes, and at nights would explore ideas to write about. I would start planning stories, poems and articles for the school and college magazines 3-4 months in advance – because when I would start with one idea in mind, a hundred related ideas would spring up and make my hand write about all of them – which resulted in weirdly distorted articles. I would then end up scratching the whole article to start a new one – this time, by focussing on the main idea. When the time came to submit the articles for the magazines, I would have quite a handful of them – of course some were rejected.

Funnily, at that time I didn’t realize that I could actually improve my writing skill. Haha, it didn’t even occur to me that writing was a ‘skill’. It was just something that I found pleasure in – a medium where I could express myself in a clear and precise manner. So when my friends, during my post-graduation time, would come to me for editing some work of theirs, or said that my writing was quite good – it made me think. Why not try and explore this ‘skill’ a bit more? The perfect opportunity came when one of our lecturers, as an assignment, told us to create our personal blogs and write something. That’s when my love affair with writing and my first blog Writing Revived started [quite a love triangle].

As I went by, writing article after article, I began to sense that there was more to writing. A bit of technicalities, a bit of brushing up the vocabulary, a bit of research, creativity, originality, sense of grammar, and love for it all was what made up Writing. This isn’t the perfect list – there’s a lot more to it. And as I go writing, I see and learn so much more with each work of mine and others. 

 I still have to build up ‘patience’ while writing. Normally, I like to sit down, type away my ideas at a furious speed and I try to finish the article as soon as possible. I like to see my work completed in the soonest possible time. That’s not really good – because, when I do this, I tend to miss out on proper research, useful information [for the readers], original ideas,  good form and structure of the article and a lot more.

Fortunately, I’ve been provided the chance to hone my writing skills. The Viewspaper – India’s largest youth newspaper, invited me to be guest columnist for them. I was thrilled at this wonderful opportunity for me to become a disciplined writer. I’m going to work my way through to become a good writer who delivers valuable, useful, well researched and impactful articles to the audience.

I hope I will do well in this endeavour.

One step at a time – that’s how I’ll reach where I need to be!

This is the link to my first article as Guest Columnist for the Viewspaper: I can Vote, Work and Marry - but I can't celebrate these with a Drink!

Have a great week fellas!!


Venice :)