23 April, 2011

Hidden Treasures

It often happens, that after a hectic, chaotic week - a laid-back weekend feels like a hint of heaven. The whole 'rush' of the week is abruptly snatched away and you're left to contemplate that funny patch of dirt on the cream-coloured wall over the weekend.

Hours go by as you think of brushing off that dirt, but... yyy-aaa-wwwnnn, you've had enough over the week, who would really want to get a stool, climb up there and remove a small bit of dirt? So, you go back to staring (with glazed eyes) at your room and finally drift off to sleep.

Strange dreams enter your mind while you sleep, and some are dreams you've dreamt before, some are dreams that make no freakin' sense and 'some' dreams bring back those long-hidden memories.

In our busy life, there are hardly 'moments' which we treasure. Not that there are 'never' any 'moments' but, if you go back to your school-days... aaah, those very words 'school-days' have brought out quite a huge suitcase of memories, haven't they? ;) That's what I'm talking about - there's quite a pile of memories sweeping rapidly through your head right now... slow down, go through each memory carefully and you'll see that even the most tiniest incident will be among these valued pieces.

It may be something as small as say, hurting your finger for the first time... or laughing over a very silly joke with friends. Cute na! And then, there are the significant memories, memories that made a huge impact on you!

And what's the big deal about having memories, some of you may ask - well, it really isn't a 'big' deal... but it is a 'worthwhile' deal. Having memories doesn't mean that you are clinging to the past or moaning about it - it's just an integral part of you. Sometimes, they are like this cosy blanket that you like to curl up in and sink in - it's your own world out there in those memories - you're the one that belongs in it, just like it belongs in you. Exclusive private world of yours!

Memories is like 'love' - it is universal but it has a unique interpretation or meaning to different people. A similar memory may be viewed from different angles by different people. Strange and enchanting it is - just like love.

Plus, we store various types of memories - some make us grin like idiots on remembering them, others pull us down in the dumps, while other are just plain adorable that you feel like hugging them close to you.

Bitter-sweet memories... bitter-sweet life... how would we be without them?


Venice :)


07 April, 2011

Then & Now

And my mind wanders
To days long gone by;
Snapshots of tender care,
With honeyed drops of play.

I remember - as if - from another life,
Friendships pure and truthful,
While fleeting glimpses pass,
Of lemoned childhood days.

Forgiveness was so easy,
Understanding, always there;
The warm reassuring clasp of hands,
And harmless jokes that filled the air.

Sitting in a corner,
Filled with slight dismay,
All it took was a sunny smile
To feel fine once again.

And now here we are,
Packaged with busy days.
A customary 'Hi' or 'Hello',
Is all we hear and say.

To and fro we go,
Each and every day.
Trapped in a dreadful routine,
Till when, one just can't say!

Fulfilling our duties,
Various roles we play.
Casting our dice now and then,
Who knows how we'll have to pay!

Easy it was,
Difficult it seems.
Who knew that one day
We would reach such a place?


....Is it us?
Or is it them?
What is it that -
Has warped us this way?

   -- Venice.