02 January, 2011

Forever Young

Another end, another beginning... another year. Birthday's, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Friendship Day... etc, do we really need such 'Days' to celebrate 'special' moments of life?

What is so important about these days? Okay, you were born on so and so day and hence you manaao [celebrate] your Birthday... but besides that factor, why can't you celebrate your life on any other day? I mean, you 'are' breathing, laughing and working rest of the days too, right?

And New Year... it's like overdone. Yeah it's a new year but then don't we make promises and resolutions the rest of the year? Don't deny it, you do make a few promises during the entire year - so why keep it on a special day when you're anyway doing it throughout that year?

It's all just 'Conditioning'. We are so conditioned by society, parents, friends, colleagues and mentors that we hardly notice that each and every day of our life is a new one! Every day is a new day. So why can't we celebrate each day then?

We've let ourselves go, people... we've let ourselves get caught in that stage of 'adulthood' and 'maturity' which aren't that bad but they do rob life of it's fun. I mean, when was the last time you rushed out in the rain and jumped in filthy puddles that lined your street? Or when did you run around in a garden with your arms spread out like wings? Or for that matter, when did you last forgive someone without realizing it?

We have been conditioned to 'act' our age, to keep a check on our behavior, to walk and talk 'corporate'... and in doing so, we hardly noticed our innocence slipping away, slowly, gradually... and then, we celebrate these 'Days' so that we can go back to those childhood days of doing what we feel like, without having to answer for our wild behaviour or without accounting for who we truly are inside.

'All the world is a stage'... we seem like 'puppets' right now... dancing to society's tune, to our 'corporate' melody... where's that carefree music of childhood gone? Why are we allowed to be 'children' only on 'these days'?

There's nothing wrong with having the outlook of a child at your workplace, there's no harm in carrying your innocence to a party, there's nothing wrong in being like a child in front of your classmates - as long as you know who you are and as long as you see people for who they really are - 'grown-up children'.

It's an oft repeated line but still I need to say it, for you and for me:

"Life is short, enjoy it while you can."

Don't worry, I'm in the same boat as you... Have been rocking in it since some months... the New Year wishes just pushed all those thoughts out here, I guess.

As for New Year resolutions, well, I'll be making them all year... :) I do have some now, pretty standard stuff, y'know - like, being happy and keeping calm... stuff like that. The bigger, major resolutions will come as this year proceeds. Let's see... I've given you enough bhaashan [lecture] - but it was for me too... feel like I'm lost in that thick maze of being an adult.

Anyway, it's nice to see a good number of readers here... Super-cheer up potion it is! :)

Have fun and have a good time folks!

Oh before you leave, I would like to share this song with you - the first part talks about war, but the chorus can be applied to anyone in any situation or at any stage of life [as long as that stage is above say, 10 years of age :D]

So, here's 'Forever Young' by Alphaville... Enjoy :)



Venice :)