26 December, 2010

I saw Santa Claus!!

FOREWORD: Please read this poem like you would as a child. Remember the old, fun times of waiting for Santa? Think of those times and read it! Enjoy :)

It's so dark
And so creepy,
The shadows on the walls,
Frighten and spook me.

Whisper, whisper, whispers,
Come through my bedroom window.
Who's out there at this time,
I lay, a bit scared and wonder.

Could it be elves?
Or fairies and pixies?
Could it be a reindeer,
Who's come to see me?

Oooh, it's too exciting,
To wait and see what happens.
Will I get to see,
Santa Claus walk in?

Just then, I see him,
A blurry red and white.
He tiptoes by my door,
Trying to keep out of sight.

I get down from my bed,
And slip out quietly.
I make my way to the hall,
With mingled nerves and glee.

Softly I step,
Toward our Christmas Tree.
I find him stacking all our gifts,
Around it, neat-ly.

I stand there rooted,
Looking in awe at him.
He glances up and sees me,
And flashes a merry grin.

He looks at me benignly,
And I hear him say.....
..... "Wake up Rita darling,
C'mon, it's Christmas Day!"

Merry Christmas everyone!! May you have good times, great fun and of course have super awesome food :)


Venice :)