22 October, 2010

Ephemeral Darkness

The darkness chills
With an ethereal thrill.

The silver moon sears
Through gnawing fears.

A swish, a stroke
Secrets broke.

Overwhelming cool waves
Washes all evil away.

-- Venice

18 October, 2010

Call Me !

You messaged saying,
That you would call me soon.
I haven’t heard from you yet,
What am I to do?

It’s been 48 hours
And still counting.
You’re so far away from me,
My fear is mounting.

You are out of my reach,
And there’s no other way.
My hopes are pinned on you,
Please don’t go away.

56 hours now
And I’ve been staring at my phone.
Waiting to see it flash,
With your number alone

If i could just hear you,
Listen and Talk to you,
I wouldn’t be so afraid,
I wouldn’t be so blue

72 hours and it’s been too long,
Devastated, all my hope’s are gone.
The tears fall on my phone
And then finally I see your call

Life pumps into me again,
As I hear your voice.
You say you’re coming back,
I hug myself in delight.

One phone call,
That’s all I needed.
To reunite with you
And stay committed.

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This theme of Tata DOCOMO's - One Touch - Net Phone is quite nice... so many ideas floated in my head... Sorry, I'm rambling, aren't I? Anyway, getting to the point - This post has been written by me for the Share Life Blogger Contest - Indiblogger in association with Tata DOCOMO's One Touch - Net phone [it looks so savvy ;) ] 

Thanks a lot guys...

P.S: Special Thanks to Deepa for providing valuable feedback and help!


Venice :)

15 October, 2010


SCENE: First day at the Hostel [June, 2008 - 22:15 hrs.]

I'm sitting on my new bed... in my new room... it's quite spartan really... nothing fancy... just a 11 * 20 feet room, with two sturdy iron beds, two cupboards and a plastic table... oh wait, I almost forgot to mention, the girls ever favourite - a full length Mirror! It's a bit exciting and a tiny bit scary to be there... especially with a roomie who is new too. I settle some of my stuff in the cupboard - it'll have to be there for a year... A Year! this one day seemed never-ending - a year feels just so - infinite!

No mama, no dada, no annoying-yet-sweet little sister here... just a pricking feeling in the bottom of my throat... threatening to expand... and actually becoming a large lump in the throat... "no, no" I say to myself... 'C'mon Venice, you chose this... just breathe --- in.... and out... in... and out... there you go... you're fine now'... a choking grunt and a gush of suppressed tears pour out mercilessly.... and they pour out.... flowing freely down my unguarded face, almost washing my face off its pain.... and after 15 minutes, they were still pouring... and then a sweet music filled the air.... the family ringtone... I hurriedly wipe those tears, clear my throat, gulp down some water and answer.. "Hi Ma!!" .... and everything is fine.

SCENE: Home [August, 2008 - 19:15 hrs.]

(Unknown number flashing on my phone.. I answer it)

Me: Hello?

Unknown Person: May I speak with Vanessa?

Me (puzzled): This is Vanessa speaking

Unkown Person: Vanessa!!! Remember me?

Me (thinking to myself - yeah sure, I have voice detection ability in me!): Errr.. sorry, no... may I know who's speaking please?

Unknown Person: Veni, you idiot!! It's me - Clara*!!

Me: Oh-my-Gawd... Clara??? Oh, shoot! I'm so sorry I didn't recognize your voice!

Clara: Arrey.. it's okay re...

Me: It's been 6 years!!! where are you? how are you?

Clara (laughing): I'm totally fine... I'm in London...

Me: Oh-freakkk!! that's so cool! Wait, what in the world are you doing in London???

(And so on the conversation went on for an hour or so...)

SCENE: Outside the Hostel Mess [26th November, 2008 - 22:00 hrs.]

Me: Good lord, tomorrow's our main project... damn it, why did I procrastinate so much?? I always do this... and then get all nervous like this... shh, shh Venice, calm down... concentrate on your lines for the presentation and you'll be cool... yes.. now c'mon... the top tourist destinations of India are....


Phone rings... Priya* calling...

Me: Blaah... just when I decide to start... (answers the call) Yeah Priya...

Priya (slightly tensed voice): Venice... I don't think the projects gonna happen tomorrow... it may be postponed...

Me: Oh thank God, that's awesome!! I'm not prepared yet, y'know.. I...

Priya: Venice!

Me: What's the matter, you don't sound happy about our project date being postponed..?

Priya: Have you seen the news?

Me: How many times do I have to tell you, we don't have a T.V here... we don't watch it..

Priya: Venice, there are terror attacks happening in Mumbai.... right now...

Me: (after a few stunned seconds) Wha--at?? are you... are you, sure? I mean.. what, when, how?

Priya: Venice, don't step out of your hostel... at all... they've attacked The Taj Hotel....  and they are near V.T now...

Me: I... fi-i-ine... take care... and th-tha--anks ...

(We were shut in our hostel for those three days when Mumbai was the target of the terror attacks on 26/11. We didn't put a foot out in those three nerve-jangling, sad and horrible days)

SCENE: College Campus - Classroom [January, 2009 - 09:30 hrs.]

Me (whispering into my phone): Dude, where are you? Attendance has started..

Vidya*: Hey, please.. I'm just 1 minute away... please inform, na... I'm coming, I'm coming....

Me: Ok-ay.. why can't you EVER be on time??? Oh.. gotta go, Ma'am is gonna call your name out any moment.. bye-bye-bye

Vidya (frantically): I'll be there in a minute!!

(I cut the call)

Lecturer (calls out): Vidya?

Me: Ma'am, she's on her way... she's just entering the building...

Lecturer: Hmm... Neha*?

Neha: Present....

(When Vidya entered four minutes late, our lecturer gave her a disapproving look for the umpteenth time.. Vidya plonked into the seat beside me and whispered, "Thanks dude".. we grin at each other and then get lost in our day dreams while our lecturer drones on)

SCENE: Terrace [March, 2009 - 23:30 hrs.]

(Best Buddy ring-tone sings through my phone)

Me: Hey Mind Reader!

Mind Reader (M.R): Hey Venice, how you doing?

Me: Fine, how about you?

M.R: Yeah, I'm good... uhm...

Me: What? (asked in a sharp tone, noting the hesitation in the 'uhm'.)

M.R: I got my visa.

(Silence for some moments on the phone)

Me (my heart deflates slowly like a big big balloon): Oh! That's... good.. that's great!! Congrats! (Trying to sound happy and fine with the news)

M.R: yeah, yeah... thanks...

Me: Finally... you waited quite a long time for it...

M.R: Yep...

Me: Hmm.. so, when are you leaving? (with a tinge of sadness)

M.R: After two weeks... most probably... gotta wrap up some work back here...

Me: Hmm.. nice... (nodding sadly)

M.R: Ye-eah....

(Few seconds silence again... and then...)

Me: I'll miss you.

M.R: Me too... I'll miss you too...

(Both smile... albeit a bit sadly)

SCENE: Hostel Room [April, 2009 - 17:00 hrs.]

Roomie: Wanna watch a movie?

Me: Na-ah... (looking tensed)

Roomie: Chill na Venice... I'm sure they'll call you...

Me: Yeah... (in an unsure voice)...

Roomie: Want chocolate?

Me: No---oh-- nah

(A few minutes pass by)

Roomie: It's a nice day, we could go have some yummy chaat!! What say?

Me: Yaar please... I don't want anything!! (I stomp out of the room)

(I enter my room after 10 minutes)

Me: Where's my phone?

(I search everywhere and find it underneath a pile of bedsheets and clothes... I take a look at the screen - one missed call from....)

Me: Oh s*t.... damn it all!!

(I dial quickly)

Roomie (lazily): Wha-at? What happened?

Me: Shhh... Yes, Hello, I am Vanessa, I am sorry I was unable to receive your call earlier... yes... yes...uh-hmmm... yes Ma'am.... yes... fine... Thank you Ma'am.. sure... Goodbye!

Roomie (taking quite an interest now): What? Who was it? What did they say?

Me: Oh----my---- Gawd.... oh-my-god, oh.my.god.... ohmygawd....!!!!! I got it!! I got it!!! I've got a Job.... aaaaaaaaaaaa... yes-yes-yes!!!!

Roomie: Oh my gawd thats so awesome!!!

Me: I knoooowwww !!! Oh myy... myy !!

(Needless to say, there were a lot of hugs, and excited skipping and jumping and shrieking that day! After all, when you land yourself into your first job - you're bound to go insane with joy... mostly.)

SCENE: Office [September, 2009 - 11:00 hrs.]

Me : Hello?

Client (like an angry bull): Vanessa! Where have you been?!? I've been trying to get in touch with you from the past 15 minutes... I need the Social Media Marketing (SMM) Report asap!

Me: I'm really sorry sir, I was in a meeting and my phone was on silent... and I just mailed you the SMM Report Sir...

Client: I don't see it here..

Me (patiently): Sir, it's a heavy file, so it may take some time to appear in your Inbox

Client: What kind of file is it?

Me: Sir, I created a PowerPoint presentation, so that it's easy for you to just go through the slides and have a look at the media plans.

Client (in a demanding tone): Hmm... what about our monthly report?

Me: Sir, that will be ready by tomorrow and I will send it to you by end of day... tomorrow.

Client: Okay...  Fine.. I'll revert to you once I go through the PPT.

Me: Fine Sir. (Phew!!)

SCENE: Garden [February, 2010 - 17:00 hrs.]

(Close Buddy ring-tone lilts its way through... I see the name... and smile as I press the 'Answer' button on my phone)

Me: Hi !!


A mother to daughter.

A sister to brother.

One friend to another.

An interviewee to a future employer.

A Client to a Consultant.

Long lost friends.



One phone... numerous connections.

This one phone... is a cord that unites unique and different spaces in my Life. It links me to new experiences... it connects me to fond memories... every iota of my life seems to linger around this phone. My joys, my frustrations... the significant phases of life and the little nitty-gritties of everyday life.. my phone helps me join the dots between ever-changing arenas of life... This phone contains my emotions, feelings, my periods of utter confusion... and moments of total clarity.

I look now, at my phone's screen - and I see - it reflects - Me.

Hiya People! This post has been written by me for the Share Life Blogger Contest - Indiblogger in association with Tata DOCOMO's One Touch - Net phone [which looks ab-soo-lutely awesome!! If you found your head nodding (in agreement to the situations/feelings/or even if you were just sleepy), you can Agree Here to show that you found it nice :) Cheerio folks!

Happy phone-calls to you...!


Venice :)

* Names changed

06 October, 2010

I am Sorry

I haven't written in days... why? Because I was caught up in so many duties and responsibilities... but that doesn't mean that I didn't think about you.

Believe me, I thought about you everyday... wondering when I could see you again and when I could share things with you. It tore me apart - a little bit everyday, when I couldn't make it to see you... I wanted to meet you, seriously, but, you know how things are... numerous duties trot around the whole time and bar me from coming to you.

I could have turned my back on them, but now that I think of it, it seems like I turned my back on you. I took you for granted... because I knew you would wait for me, patiently. You won't even think of reprimanding me... and that's bad you know - you should question me. Question me about my values and ethics... it's the one way I'll learn to be a better person!

You've been always here for me... never wandering too far away, and I have been neglecting you - for so many days and days... That is not right of me. No, it's not.

This time I've gone too far and it's time I realized the good things I have in my life. One of them being you - My Dear Blog !

I'm Sorry. Sorry that I haven't given you the care you need.

From now on, I will be here... with you. Just like you've been here for me.

Thank You Blog!