23 April, 2010

Vanessa's Frank Letter

I had written this piece for my College Magazine when I was in my First Year of B.A... was reading some of my college magazines and chanced upon this write-up of mine. This piece relates to the students state of mind on the eve of his/her 12th Board Examinations...

"Dear Friends,

I was busy walking to and fro, my mind concentrating on an uninteresting 'thing' a.k.a my reference book, when a 'twister' comes and knocks into me and guns are fired all around!! I soon realized that it's my pesty little sister and our neighbour responsible for the mini III World War.

I yell at them and scream at them till they cast me ugly, mean looks and slouch away to 'damage' another place. Somehow, the scene they enacted seemed vaguely familiar and it hit me - I forgot where 'Anne Frank' hid when the war was on!!

Out tumbled old question papers, guide books, texts, reference books and innumerable photo-copies. I found my English text and sit to revise, when there is a soft, gentle knock at the door, which soon ushered in my mother with a cup of tea. I took it gladly and sipped it... hold on, was tea an elastic or an inelastic demand? Gosh! I did not know my economics also! I wondered if I would forget all my subjects... oh that was a nightmarish thought. A bit of relaxation would do me good. So I turned on the radio and came across an Amitabh Bachchan song.... Oh heavens, what was the poem written by Harivanshrai Bachchan??? Was it some 'dohe' or about 'apsaras' or was it about 'terrorists'? By now I was certain that I would fail my exams. I was frustrated and was letting out hisses just like when air out of a balloon is let out slowly and goes 'issss....sss....ssss'.

I blamed each and everything in vicinity for my bad memory, when I remembered [yes, maybe I was just underestimating my memory] that this was DISPLACEMENT. I had learnt in Psychology... but uhm, did displacement come under the chapter of 'frustration and conflicts'?? I groaned, moaned and sighed as much as I could... I did not know what else to do!

I decided that a walk in my small, delightful garden would calm me down, but my garden too betrayed me! As I put my naked feet on the soft mud, I wondered what temperature was good for this soil, what minerals it was composed of and what crops were suitable to grow in such soil... Not Geography too!! At this rate my confidence of excelling in the exams was down to zero degrees. I had to cheer up and the best thing which cheered me was - the most obvious - the Television!! :)

So, off I trotted to the living room to see my father watching the news channel which showed some Rajya Sabha members...... Now I was truly STUMPED... What in the World were the functions of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha?

By now I was sure... I would fail my 12th Board Examinations!!!

P.S:- Luckily, I didn't fail... thanks for bearing with my boring letter."

Back to now, I guess those exams were little compared to the tests and exams we face occasionally in our lives. Life's exams are some of the toughest to solve sometimes. But solve them we do, we move on in life, every time!

Venice :)