28 October, 2009

Friends and Friendship

How does one describe a friendship? It’s meaning and value is different to each individual... we keep finding new friends during our lifetime – there are times when we think that we have found the best friend ever...but a few years down the line, you find another friend who seems to understand you better than the first one... things keep changing so much...even in friendships... there are times when you feel that a certain friend will go far in life with you.. but something happens that keeps the friendship short-lived and you are amazed that you thought that you could ever be good friends with so-and-so person... I’m not saying that the person would’ve been bad, it’s just that maybe you didn’t get along so well as you thought you would have...

There are a million things I could write here... friends – the people who make us feel that ‘oh, we do exist and are important’... actually friends distract all our psychiatric fears... fear of loneliness, fear of being an outcast, fear of not being loved, fear of not being heard/understood... and all the other innumerable fears that reside in the depths of our souls... You never realise where the time goes when you are with friends... time doesn’t seem to be enough to spend with friends, even if you meet them after years, months, days or hours... I could go on to minutes and seconds too... but that would be too extreme... though there are times like those too... personally I feel that friendship is one relationship that doesn’t bind you... you are free to go where you want, go as far as you want... and when you return, nothing would have changed... years passed would seem like just minutes passed [which it actually is, though that’s a minor point]... I have met so many friends and whenever we meet, it’s like nothing ever changed [except that some of them got married or something like that] but the essence of the friendship remains intact even after all those years... it’s purely wonderful when you think about it...

Plus of course, one always remembers the enormous support one gets from friends, though there are times when terrible arguments break out and a cold war ensues for a few weeks until a peace treaty is signed by both parties and mutual animosity is dissolved for sometime until the next volcano erupts, which again is reduced to ashes... enough of metaphors, i think... you get the point... it’s great to have a varied set of friends... you get to see so many dimensions to things in life, the unique ideas from each friend will never cease to amaze you... speaking of uniqueness.. every friend is unique in his/her own way... there is that one distinct quality that singles each one out and yet a universal feeling that runs through all your friends... love. Love between friends is indescribable – you can’t describe feelings as well as you can feel them – you can’t even express feelings as well as you feel them... it just Is.

Friends teach you so much and give you so much... our education about people would sure be stunted were it not for our friends in our lives. The good times with your friends teach you how to have fun with people, the rough times teach you to understand that all are human... the experiences one has with friends seem irreplaceable. You remember the silly, juvenile stuff you did even after decades... there you will be sitting in your armchair and telling your grandchildren about the time you and your friend tried bunking school only to find the principal blocking the back-gate... and your grandchildren will have a whale of a time trying to imagine you doing that... their imaginations would certainly boggle with the thought and would make it seem funnier than the story itself

Well, friendships are special – you know that. These days, it’s easy to take friends for granted, the excuses about ‘no time’, ‘busy with work’, ‘i’ve got my own troubles’ are always there... but you know what those excuses when used mean.

Value your friends. Love them. Respect them.

Thank you friends!