22 September, 2009


I fall a lot these days,
I cut through the sharp air
And see the speeding land,
Rushing fiercely to meet me.

I fall into an empty space,
It 'seems' like a bottomless well.
And the darkness envelops to
Possess totally the body, mind and soul.

I fall repeatedly,
Down never ending stairs,
Over abruptly-edged cliffs
And right into sudden confusion.

I fight and fight - a long drawn one
Till my energy gives way
And then I meet Peace
And I keep falling.

I do not want this to end.
I need to keep falling,
I do not want to reach stable ground,
Because that would mean - The End.

The force of wind hits me,
And I wish to be One with it.
I want to mingle with nothingness
So that I could feel numb.

Numb to all the viciousness.
Numb to sense and foolishness.
Numb to demands and expectations
Numb to being Myself.

10 September, 2009

College Days

Well, the phases in life continue...and right now it's racing like never before - sometimes when I get a little free time, I wonder where all those carefree college days went by....those were the times when we would sit on the 'katta' and look at everyone passing by and comment a thousand times on the 'geeks' we spotted or on the 'snobby' ones....

Sitting for ages in the cafeteria, ordering our fav. dosas, vada pavs, chicken fried rice, nimbu paani and watermelon juice....aah....and then attending the classes themselves [if you were a regular student that is :)] - we wud secretly be messaging friends keeping our cells below the table so that the lecturer wouldn't catch us...though the lecturers were smarter and knew what we were upto...

The general outcry when submission of an assignment was announced makes one laugh now...and oh the endless arguments during a team project - made the head split and caused plenty of grumpy faces to appear all around, not to mention constant cribbings and back-stabbing...

Funnily, all this was forgotten when the time to say farewell came... all hugged each other, made promises to keep in touch, wrote farewell messages on arms, books, shirts and what-not other items....

Then came the parting of ways - each one in his/her direction - going forth into the seemingly 'big bad world' which is actually a manifestation of college life anyway...

Now, thanks to the social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and cell phones, people are in close contact - though of course even now that is reducing... until some other revolutionary idea comes for people to connect once again... Twitter has made instant messaging even easier

quite a lot of bhaag-daud happening in everyones' life right now...all are engrossed in their careers for now while a minority are planning out their personal lives...hmmm.....life is pretty interesting, if only we had the time to step back and notice all that is happening.

we are so ignorant of the numerous exciting things that happen because we are so caught up in our assumed 'priorities' at this time...

Chill people, notice what's happening in your life - it will make life simpler instead of causing your head to feel like a pressure-cooker day-in and day-out.

Cheers to 'Phases of Life!!'