18 February, 2009

Fail - to Succeed

There is a purpose behind things that happen in life. It may not always be clear as to what the purpose is, but deep down somewhere probably hidden in some un-noticed corner, a small, tiny purpose would be peeping from there.

Failures are stepping stones to success they say; that is because there is a reason to failing. You learn from that incident, you realize various sides to yourself and you understand yourself better. Most people feel that a failure means the end of the world. However, failures actually are of great help if you wish to improve as a person. It is tough, no doubt to face such situations, you may feel low and depressed at times like these... but in the end, seek the value that such incidents present to you.

It may also happen that you may go through a series of failures... it is up to you to pick yourself up and to progress after each fall. You need to go on, you need to keep trying because by trying each time you fail, you  keep gaining strength to move on towards better things in life. It may seem futile at times to keep trying but later when you do achieve a certain goal, you will be proud of yourself for persisting and for having tremendous courage to climb to that seemingly high target you had set for yourself.

Imagine the boost to your spirits !! You will be grateful for having trusting yourself, for believing in yourself, for doing your best, for motivating yourself on, for trying hard to reach that goal and for simply learning from the whole process.

It's going to be an uphill task, but you are rewarded quite well in the end. So keep going, you will find what you rightly deserve in your life.