Poetry Revived

When I was a kid, I was able to write lovely verses with rhyming words... somehow, I've lost that touch, so through these poems, I'm trying to regain my hold over writing poems with a proper tune and melody. 

Plunge - Are you confused? Frustrated? Disappointed? Raging? 

Forging On -  Get up and move on.. stop clinging to the past and look toward your future.

Song and Dance - How do you view your Life? For me it's a Song and Dance.

Questionings - Well, it's as the title suggests - Questionings...

The Butterfly and the Mirror - An innocent and tender relationship between a Butterfly and a Mirror.

This Paradise of Mine -  What is your kind of Paradise?

Call Me ! - The clock's been ticking, the days go by.. there's no sign or signal from the person you love. How long will you wait? Will he ever call you?

Ephemeral Darkness - Picture yourself, far away, on a distant land... darkness around you... and you - all alone out there. Cleanse yourself.

Poisoned Fruit -  A poem exploring a mix of the Biblical 'Tree of Knowledge' and the fairytale 'Snow White'... what happens next?