25 September, 2015

Over the Tipping Point

Why oh why
Do you put yourself through this
Every time?
They just don’t care
Except for themselves.
Tchah, tchah my dear
You’re better off
With someone else.
Can’t you see their cold eyes
Their domineering sneer?
Don’t you see the way they smirk
And in your misery cheer?
They don’t deserve you
But more importantly,
You don’t deserve them, you know.
So say your goodbyes or even better
Just walk away saying nothing my dear.
There are others out here
Waiting for your caring words.
Smother them with it,
Make them laugh with tears.
You may feel bad
And drowned in guilt
But don’t ever regret what you did.
Move on, kind child and do not
Ever, even for a second
Look back.


I think every patient, loving person has a limit that people cross way too often. People don't seem to value or respect those who give them their time and selves. Inspite of that, the patient ones give others chances repeatedly and forgive without even a whimper. This is for every caring, selfless person out there. Sometimes, even though it's tough, you just have to leave toxic people. For your own sake, be a little selfish sometimes.


16 September, 2015

Out of the Rut

I go through phases when I completely mess up every possible thing. My cooking reflects my moods and situations at that present moment. I'm normally a fairly good cook, but when something sidetracks me, I become the worst cook ever. Simple tasks are muddled and make the situation even worse. I think I just try too hard. Why do I do that? It’s like I'm fighting my inner battles and that destroys whatever I'm doing at that moment. My inner self is critically injured and the wounds show up in my actions.

Stuck in a rut. That’s where I am. Instead of floundering and struggling to escape, I guess I should stay calm, take a step back, and deal with the situation with a clear, rational head. Otherwise I'm just sinking more into mud. Exhausting myself and covering myself with more dirt. 

The one way I can think of looking at the situation from a new point is by writing it all down. And that’s what I'm doing right now. Writing about it to help myself out of this mess.