01 February, 2015

Wa’l’king up my Spirit!

I don’t have just one definition for contentment, at least not right now. The little magical moments of life bring a smile to my face and keep me happy. Right from small kids chasing each other in the garden to being alone, each have a blissful effect on me.

However, one activity that always raises my spirit is - Walking. To the amazement of most of my close ones, I love a nice, long walk. Petite, dainty and slim as I am, they always joke that if I walked anymore I would be thin enough to pass through a gutter! That doesn’t stop me though. I carry on with joyful steps that are dictated by my feet.

Always one for adventure since a young age, I love navigating new routes to my destinations. My mother once narrated how when I was all of 5, I along with a friend of mine trotted off near the highway that ran near our homes. My friend returned sans me sending my poor mother into thoughts of me alone amidst speeding vehicles. Right then, in strutted little me through the turnstile to our lane with the merriest smile on my face. I reckon I had quite enjoyed the stroll! :D

Ever since then I’ve been enchanted by finding my own paths to places. Seeing new sceneries, noting the beauty in every lane, observing fellow passers-by, and generally enjoying the pleasant sensation of the gentle trod of my feet against the solid, earthy ground has always sent a soothing thrill that pulsates happily within me.

Don’t mistake me though. I’m not one of those fitness people who track their progress everyday or keep track of how many kilometers they’ve covered. I do it because I like it. The best distance I know I’ve covered is 3-4 kilometers from the railway station to my home. I’ve walked longer distances but have never checked the limit. For me, the passing scenes are much more interesting than the kilometers I’ve covered.

Sometimes for the fun of it I do check my speed though. I do that mainly when I’m not bogged down. I walk fast enough most of the times, probably because being light kind of carries me forward :P just kidding. Even so, when I’m in a tense mood I take my time and give full reign to my thoughts to run their steam off. Walking off my hurt, pain, or sadness works quite well. Mostly because I see things on my way that make me think how small my problems are, or I see something that touches my heart and makes me smile.

This one time, I was walking feeling all broken inside when across the road I saw a grandfather carrying his baby grandchild. The grandchild saw me, smiled, waved and chirped ‘bye, bye’ to me. That innocent greeting dissolved my anguish instantly and before I knew it, I smiled, waved and said ‘bye!’ to the baby, and just like that my heart immediately felt as light as a feather.

There are so many more instances during my innumerable walks that have cheered me out of my blues, reinforced my faith in humanity and carved heartfelt memories that I will always remember.

I know walking has many several health benefits too, including blood circulation amongst others. For me though it’s more than just that. For me, Walking is something exquisitely natural and pure. Walking is deeply intrinsic and special to me. It stems from inside of me, this desire to follow where my feet lead me and not bothering much where I land up – the world is after all round, so I always figure that if I feel lost I can always find my way back.

Know who else favoured walking for matters of importance? The late & charismatic Steve Jobs ;) He preferred discussing serious business matters over a walk - that was his walking element.

Do you like walking too? What's your walking element?


Venice :)