02 October, 2014

The New Place

I've been missing this space... TERRRIBLY!!

It feels so much like home here and yet all I've done is open the blogger window, read through a few blog posts and then shut it, though not before wistfully looking at the 'New Post' button.

So, why have I not been here?

Well, life has thrown a lot of balls for me to juggle. There are too many of them that simultaneously seem to fall down on me. I have to keep handling all of them without dropping any of them as that would really have a domino effect on the rest.

However, few days back, I made one of the best decisions I've made till now.

I started writing for 5 minutes each day.

Slightly unbelievable, right? I know. I understand.

After not being active here, you're probably wondering why I would do something like this.

It's just that, I miss writing. I mean, as a Content Writer, the whole day in office, I mostly 'write', duh! But writing for myself, exclusively and completely for my soul's satisfaction is what I really wanted to do! And I wasn't doing it.

So, that's when I decided, that enough is enough, I will write. Everyday.

However, even after deciding this I didn't start. I only started after reading a celebrity's general-yet-impactful statement in the newspaper.

What was this statement? Who was the celebrity whose powerful advice prompted me to act on my decision?

It's all there on my brand new blog (Yippppeee!!!) that I started specially for this endeavour of mine. It's called - 5 Minutes (simple and to the point, dont'cha think?) :)

You can read my 5 Minutes thoughts on a daily basis by visiting: http://venicerowe.wordpress.com/

This doesn't mean that I will stop writing here. Writing Revived is my first darling blog and will always be close to me. I will continue to post here too.

Would like to hear what you have to say about this. Thanks for being a dedicated reader to an irregular-turned-5-Minute-post blogger.


Venice :)

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  1. Glad to see you doing something to attend to your soul, Vanessa... Writing can become a pretty mundane affair when you spend the whole day publishing articles for clients who probably don't understand the importance of your work.

    P.S. You should join us for #blogchatter, a Twitter Chat dedicated to bloggers and what they can do to overcome their challenges... Do check it out :)


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