07 April, 2014

Smelly Cat... No More!

Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S singing Smelly Cat


Smelly cat, smelly cat
what are they feeding you?
smelly cat, smelly cat
it's not your fault.

They wont take you to the vet
you're obviously not their favorite pet
you may not be a bed of roses 
and your no friend of those with noses.

Smelly cat, smelly cat 
what are they feeding you
smelly cat, smelly cat
it's not your fault!

Every F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan has this song permanently etched in their minds... Being a huge fan of this popular sitcom myself it was awkward when this very song applied perfectly to all the smelly bad 'uns out there. I'm not a particularly rude person, mean - yes - a little, but rarely rude. However, when people start smelling like garbage bins on feet, I can hardly refrain from singing dear Phoebe's beloved song 'Smelly Cat'... I mostly sing it under my breath or in my head... especially if the person is a stranger. 

Closer back home, or with friends it's easier to say it through hints, songs with puns about foul odour, or just directly asking, "What's that Smell, Boss?" while wrinkling my nose oh-so daintily. 

Truth be told, I was one of the smelly cats when I was young. "Ugh!" you must be thinking. Guilty I am yes. It was just a phase that became a bad habit I admit. It was a horrendous task for me to wake up early morning, have a bath, and get ready for school. Additionally, the geyser took half an hour just to warm up, and the winters were freezingly cold for me to bear having even a 2 minute bath.

Fortunately, my father got transferred to a city with a warmer climate and best of all - had a Racold Instant Water Heater! Not that I started having a bath regularly 'instant'ly (pun intended) but from weekly, to every alternate day - it took a while to enjoy a nice, good, warm bath daily! More than that, it took a few days to add this good habit in my life as Old habits die hard.

Since I work, I run around like a crazy hyperactive monkey every morning cooking, brushing my teeth, ironing my clothes, getting dressed and packing my lunch all within an hour or so. With the instant water heater, all I have to do is, turn the tap on, put the switch on and hoorah! there's bubbling, hot, steamy water in seconds that nearly matches Google search results speed!!! Not kidding... true fact! Try it out and see for yourself. *nods persuasively :P

In a way, the instant water heater brought a good change in me. I now can't do without having a bath. From a hygiene point of view, it keeps me clean and presentable. Besides that, it's a great way to wash away the stress, tensions, worries and sorrows on the days I'm attacked with them. 

No more 'smelly cat' jokes around me now... I'm fresh and natural when I step out to... help others like me to switch on to this good habit. No one likes to be referred to as 'smelly cat' or to be asked, "What's that smell, Boss?" or to go through this:

Perk this hot and weary season by refreshing yourself in warm and soothing water. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath... see the magic work! ;)

NOTE: Seems like contests are a good way to get me to write on my blog. So, thanks to them, and currently to Racold Thermo Ltd. who collaborated with Indiblogger to come up with the Contest 'Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind'. See Racold's FB Page for more: https://www.facebook.com/racoldthermoltd If you 'Like' my post, please let me know here: Smelly Cat... No More! on Indivine


Venice :)