19 April, 2014

Lights Off for a New Dawn

23:56 said Mia's PC desktop Clock. She had finally finished THE Project that would no doubt cut her competition down and catapult her to the archives of History. Her soul at peace, she looked forward to the new horizon that was sure to dawn.

Closing the internet tabs at an envious pace, Mia switched off her PC, wrapped up her belongings swiftly, and swung out of the office doors, locking it behind her. 4 minutes were all it took her to complete these tasks. She punched the elevator button and as the lift doors opened on to the 14th floor where she waited, the lights went off! Just like that.

"Damn!" thought Mia, Murphy's Law always got her EVERY single time! No matter how good things went, something HAD to go wrong at the last moment. Switching on the flashlight of her phone, she decided to take the stairs. As she made her way to the staircase Mia heard a subtle tinkling sound from her office.

She stopped in her tracks. She waited. Her breath caught in her throat. Her ears strained to catch the minutest sound. All was quiet. Strangely quiet. She couldn't really put her finger on it but she felt something. A presence.

Mia shook her head, partly trying to compose herself, partly to negate the unconscious thoughts of fright running behind. She was a strong, independent, brave woman, she reassured herself, a woman who wasn't afraid of the dark shadows, strange noises or.... 'Screeeeeeeeeechhhh - BANG, BANG, BANG!'

Mia's toes sprinted within milli-seconds of the earth-shattering noises and her arms wrapped around a warm body that had enveloped her. She cowered in them, her eyes tightly shut, teeth firmly clenched, all the while shivering in the protective shield holding her from falling to the ground.

A voice whispered, "Baby, did I scare you? ... I'm sorry". Astonished by the familiar, well-loved voice, Mia looked at the man she loved so much all these years.

Still shaken, unable to speak, Mia stared at him trying to figure out how he was here in front of her when he...

"Come on", he urged her, gently pulling her by the hand toward her office... The door was open, he guided her ahead, trailing behind her, not taking his eyes off her... she walked like in a trance, until...

The lights switched back on...

"WELCOME!" said the banner held by people she loved...

"And wish you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!"

"Wha- what anniversary?" mumbled Mia perplexed.

"Why Mia, it's been a year since your death," said her Father, the man who she had run into.

"My death? What are you talking about? I've been working all this year!" exclaimed Mia adamantly.

"If that were so Mia, would you have been able to communicate with all of us?" asked her Grandfather, coming forward from the group.

Mia looked around her carefully, all the people she had loved and who had died were present.

"But... how...?" she asked.

"How you died?", questioned her Aunt Josephine, "Overwork did you in, my dear. It destroyed your life."

"Darling," said her Father, turning her around and holding her carefully, "you've accomplished what you had to. Your project is done. Your soul is finally at peace. That's why you're here."

It took Mia some minutes for all this to sink in and accept it. "What was that sound?" she asked finally. "That jarring loud sound that scared me?"

The group burst into cackles of laughter as her jovial childhood friend Percy came through saying, "That was me my dear, well, my bulk at least" he said twirling to show-off his rotundness, "it's not that easy being a new ghost and go through cemented walls and what-nots!" he chuckled. Mia gave a slight smile.

A silence dropped over. The group waited.

"I'm glad to be here" Mia finally said as the office erupted with cheers and claps!

"Let the celebrations begin!" they sang merrily...

~ *~

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Note: My mind, given a chance, likes to go exploring into the endless mass of imagination. It's okay if you thought the above story weird or plain crazy. I just love to keep penning off whatever my mind dictates. If you find meaning in the above story - perhaps about 'overworking not being good for us', or for 'embracing death peacefully', or 'finding peace in what you love doing' - then I'm glad the story spoke to you. If it didn't, doesn't matter, I'm not here to impress anyone. :P


Venice :)

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