12 January, 2014

TLC for Curly Hair

When I was a kid (ahem, still am)... anyway, when I was a tiny-tot, I would sit glued in front of the TV for a precious one hour, staring with envy at my (then) hair-style idol - Winnie Cooper (of Wonder Years). Her thick, black/brown, straight, long hair had an effect of Cupid's deadly arrow striking me... Day and night, my thoughts revolved around that perfect, heavenly hair... Sighhhh!!!

See what I mean!?

But dear little me was blessed with curls that was never worth combing, it looked the same even without running a comb through my hair. :|

There you go... the irregular curls wrapped around my small head...

It would never sit in place, would look as untidy as a 53 year old house mop (what?! people do keep such things as souvenirs!), and generally gave me a cute-yet-naughty look - which kinda defined me actually :P

As I grew up, my hair decided to look a bit graceful, and so, would drop off curly strands of hair every month... then every week... and now, it's every day!

So much for looking graceful, I now resemble an old lady with a young face. :(

Before I go bald (not that I mind it), I know that it's not right to twiddle my thumbs waiting for a miracle to happen! I'm sure Rapunzel trapped in that tower with little to do nourished her hair for at least 12 hours a day... she had quite a lot of hair after all! If she was that dedicated for never-ending yards of hair, then surely I can take out time and give my thinning hair some Good amount of TLC (not just Tender, Loving, Care but also Timely Trims, Lavish Massage, and Coconut Oil).

So, enough is enough! It's time to take action! You see, few years down the line, I'll have children (either my own or adopted), and it will be my responsibility to instill the goodness of taking care of one's health - hair included. If I don't act now, and ignore the warning signs of a hair that needs to be handled with care, how can I set a good example to my future?

No, this is not about telling them that 'good looks' is everything... on the contrary, it is about making them understand that it is our individual responsibility to protect and care for what we are blessed with. That we shouldn't take our health for granted.

Before I start preaching my gyaan (knowledge) to them, I need to do this for myself! People have envied my hair in the past, the straight-haired divas would let out an inaudible sighhh when they looked at my effortlessly natural curly hair, which for them would take hours, and halve their allowance money to get it done from the beauty parlours (teee-heee!! sorry :P). Coming back to the point, by doing this for myself, I'm finally taking on a responsibility that I should have taken ages back, and making myself be a person on the right track. Plus, by doing this, I'll be opening myself up to a gamut of possibilities and experiments - which I've always longed to do!! :)

All I need to do is Recharge my hair! Curly locks and all...

I no longer envy girls/ladies/women with straight, shiny hair... I'm happy with whatever little curls and few waves that I have left! Once these curls are recharged, they'll bounce with life and shine... I'll have the perfectly messed bun, the naturally styled waves, and the salon-like mousse lathered hairstyle - for free!

But more than all of that, I'll have a smile on my face when I get to tell my children, how I brought life back into my hair. and how giving it its life brought more adventurous, worry-free, fun days in my life!

Reason enough to recharge my hair...? I think so! ;)

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Venice :)