29 November, 2012

The Code

Ron stopped outside the brick-stone house. His feet dawdled and drew patterns on the sidewalk where he stood. It wasn’t the first time that he had come to the house. Introduced to him by his father, he had spent many a time in the dark coolness of the rooms. 

He liked it there. Dark and heavily curtained, narrow slips of light cheating their way through nooks and crannies between the windows and curtains. The absorbing silence that played through the spaces was what Ron liked most. It had a friendly feeling to it, a sense of comfort. Nothing could threaten him there, no… nothing. Or so he thought, until…

Ron kicked his feet in exasperation as he mentally kicked the past of the shop from his mind. He had come here on a mission, and he was going to see it through.

His feet took firm steps forward. They halted at the door to the shop. Ron lifted his hand, stretched out his steady fingers and punched in the Code. Two beeps answered him – a negative!


In all the times he had entered, the beeps were always a positive – a prolonged beep that welcomed him into the cocoon he so loved. 

She knew… she knew that he was coloured by the darkness. Where there was once light in him, it was now pitch black. Her love had failed her… had turned off the light in him. She had changed the Code, changed it before he could unleash the darkness within him one last time.

He had broken the Code when he befriended the dark... when he enjoyed its power… and when he exerted that dark power over her.

But no more, no more… the Code was broken, the Code was changed… mother and son… stood on different sides of the door… estranged.


NOTE: Thanks to 'The Write Prompts' site that provided me a word to build a post on. It felt really nice to pen/type down whatever came first to my mind. Try it if you like... especially if you're stuck, or bored, or just need a push to start writing again! :)