26 June, 2012

'Cost' of Dating

 I recently read an article in a newspaper that talked about the high costs that entails dating. People go to expensive restaurants, indulge in treats that cost a bomb, dress in branded clothes and travel in cars all for just a date.

I’m not against having a good time and enjoying the date, but do we really need to spend so much when one can easily enjoy a date without having to burn a hole in our pockets?
I can almost imagine this happening in the early days of civilization. The guys could barter their onions for a chicken, which they would give to the girls. The girls could then prepare roasted chicken and bingo – a date with a dish of roasted chicken under the moon and star light! Romantic, huh?

Frankly, I have never understood this concept of taking a date to a fancy place! I mean, what exactly are you trying to prove here? That you can afford it? That you are a regular with such places? That you can pronounce those weird French dishes names with the perfect accent? Is that the main aim of a date?

Yes, I do know that some of you can do all the above, and some go to such places because they ‘can’ afford it, and ‘are’ used to going to such places. But what about the rest? They are the ones who I’m addressing here.

A date is seen as a way to get to know each other better. To talk, to share thoughts, to discuss, to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Sure, you can do all this in the posh places too, no harm, but then if you’re going to worry all night about coughing up the large sum it rather puts a dampener on the whole feel of the date, right?

Why can’t you leave all that ‘impressing’ the date aside, and just be who you are! It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to go for a walk on your first date! Or go to an art gallery (if it’s a common interest). Dinner doesn’t have to be in a classy elegant place, but it can be enjoying yummy street food, or even tasting classic regional specialities of that area! If you’re the environmentalist type, cycling together would be quite cool, or if you’re the sporty type – then cricket, basketball, football would be a fun way to bring the two of you closer – of course if one of you isn’t sporty, then it’s a good chance to have fun learning the sport, and even if you don’t like sports, you can cheer your date on! Go for karaoke nights, and try a duet! Or set the floor on fire with your dance moves – the duet, and dance could be done at yours or a friend’s place – it doesn’t have to be at a club/pub!

Book lovers – pen down your criticisms together and match them, or see what the other has written – should be fun this one! Revisit childhood – go to the park, swing around a bit – don’t give me those weird looks, it’s fun once you stop ‘acting’ as if you’re an adult (we are all children inside, we just like to pretend we are adults just because we are at that ‘age’).

I could think of a million other cost-effective ways for a lovely date! Eating ice-creams, candy-floss, going to the arcade, strolling through a mall (if the girl isn’t a shopaholic it should be fine), going to the beach and shooting those balloons, all in all just being free of ‘acting your best’, and exhibiting your dinner etiquette, and showing off your French, and polluting the environment with your car/bike!

I know, some of you will say that girls love to be treated like ‘princesses’, but who said that it meant taking them to rich places? As long as you treat her with respect, be honest, listen to her and understand her and give her little happy moments to treasure – she’ll feel totally like a princess.

And to you girls - romance exists between two people. Sure, the ambience does create an effect, but romance can also be created in the most unromantic settings. It’s up to you and your date to spice up the evening, not the surroundings. 


Venice :) 

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