01 March, 2012

Hooked to Books

As far as I can remember, the first book I laid my hands and eyes on, was a big, powder blue book of 'Aesop's Fables'. My father bought me the book when I was around 5 years old, and I remember marvelling at the huge size of the book - it contained all the stories of Aesop's and I was so proud of it!

Today is World Book Day (got to know about this day only today), and from what I've read, it's celebrated on April 23rd by the people of Spain as a mark of respect for author Miguel de Cervantes, who passed away on this date. You'll be wondering why it's being celebrated on the 1st of March then, right? Well, U.K observes it on the first Thursday of March, which in this year falls on, well, today - 1st March, 2012. Also, on some more reading, I found that the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) observes this day as 'World Book and Copyright Day', but as people never really like saying long sentences, common parlance uses only 'Book Day'. UNESCO actually thought of this day as a way of honouring literary greats like William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, and Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov among others, who were either born or died on this date.

So, anyway, that was a bit of history and understanding behind this whole scene. We, at least a bookworm like me, don't really need a 'Day' especially for books! Thankfully, this day hasn't been massively hit by commercialization, but that day isn't too far. Soon there will be book promotions, discounts and lord knows what other marketing gimmicks around the Day.

I feel it's good in a way, as it will drive the importance of good reading to children. In today's world, where almost everything is available on our fingertips, what with gadgets, cell phones, iPads and the rest, children hardly read any qualitative books, unless it's in their syllabus. In this respect a day like this does help bring attention to the value of reading books. 

As for the adults, those who have loved books since childhood continue to read them, especially ever since the Kindle arrived and created a fine impact on book-lovers. Some bookworms are still faithful to the good old, touch-and-feel-the-leaves-of-the-book type. Whichever way, the important fact here is that, people still read.

I don't know about you guys, but I always feel that the books I have with me are not enough...

My book collection...

 ... and it is one of my dreams to own my own well-stocked library. A whole room dedicated to books - I've even planned the whole interiors and decor of my personal library room! :) 

I remember telling a friend of mine that I would love to spend my life in a room filled with books, scattered on the floor, and me in the midst of that sea of books! How enchanting those moments will be!




*Snaps out of daydream*

Yes, so, where were we? Oh yeah, I don't have enough books. Whilst daydreaming I realised that I haven't really read a wide variety of books. I mean, fiction of course consists 80% of my present book collection, but it would be great to read about non-fiction and other categorical books. 

You know what? I have an idea! I'm going to take a pledge - I've decided, that on this occasion of World Book Day - "I will expand my reading to non-fiction this year."

There, that felt good! Now to follow it through... which I will do, not to worry. I have a couple of psychology and geography books from school that I saved - they always make for interesting reads when I'm not in a mood for fiction. So, if I start reading books that cater to other topics, say - religion, economics, quantum physics (will try to understand it first), and history - I guess that will pretty much load my days with new, interesting, exciting, oh-I-didn't-know-about-this kind of moments!

Cool! Now I feel all charged up and electrified... World Book Day is a real help even for regular readers! I'm off to catch up on some reading. If you're a reader - then, have a good time reading! and if you're not, well, it's never too late, pick up a book on a topic that interests you and read one page first, and move on to the next page, and then the next, and next, and next... you get the drift ;)

Cheers folks!

Venice :)

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