19 February, 2012

On your Marks, Get Set.... START!

There are times in life, when you are torn between staying in a safe, valued environment and taking a step into a new path that is a bit hazy (for the time being).

People love security, respect, value, and success. But what worth is all of those qualities if one is afraid of stepping out of that comfort zone? 

Sure, if you stay on, you may feel good about yourself, feel on top of the world, and that you're going somewhere in life; and it may boost your self-esteem when you think of all the fame you've gained for being good at such and such field. But are you sure that that is where you would like to be? Or have you got so used to the environment that you've forgotten what your talents really are?

It is understandable that people differ, some have high aspirations, ambitions, some are competitive - the ones who drive themselves to do better at each task that comes their way, some like the high feel of fame, of wealth, and of recognition. Most of us, would like to experience one or two of the above items, but how do you know when you start getting obsessed with these items, whereby one focusses on them more and lose touch with themselves?

Tricky, isn't it?

You can work your whole life in a top-notch place, you can have a flamboyant lifestyle, reap in crores of paper notes and be the diva or hunk everyone falls over... who doesn't like these things? In all this however, keeping in tune with your inner self is extremely important, lest one gets carried away.

Humans love security, it's been in our genes ever since the cave men lived in caves, and had fire to keep the animals at bay. No wonder then, that it takes a bit (in some cases 'a bit more') effort on our parts, to walk away from security and enter into fields that offer less security.

One thinks, and thinks and thinks about leaving a safe place before venturing out into the unknown. Some weigh the pros and cons, others may just leap impulsively, and others may just ponder the hours away when it comes to making this decision.

The decision can be made easily if one is absolutely sure about what one wants in life. It also works if one has an 'inkling' or a 'gut feeling' about where one would like to go in life. It may not be the right choice, and it may not be the wrong choice, but as long as one strongly believes that this is the path one would like to navigate, well then, the choice is pretty clear.

One may not have the comfort, luxury, or incentives that were given in the earlier place, but one is blessed with the secure awareness of following one's heart, of realizing ones dreams, of doing ones best in ones best area, of being true to ones self, of having faith and hope within and of bravely moving forward out of that comfort zone and into something one has been wanting to do all this time!

It may be a slow start, it may be a fast start, but it's a START!

Imagine, if everyone was just content being stuck in their respective given roles, would this world have ever progressed? Would there have been diverse fields, innovations, discoveries, ideas, and change? Individuals, in some or the other time-frames in earth years have taken that choice to follow their heart, to do something different, to walk a new road, to try out new things, to voice out their views, to bring about a change and to simply, walk out of that comfort area.

All you need is confidence in yourself, love yourself, trust yourself, know yourself, believe in yourself and listen, listen intently to your heart; but don't forget to listen to your mind too, it's thoughts and your hearts feelings will meet at some point - that's the point you follow. Your mind isn't evil if you are well aware of it's thoughts, it can't control you, unless you allow it to. That doesn't mean you control your mind, listen to it, just sift out the unwanted from the important messages that are relayed in it.

You have this life - live it with your true self - and watch as your inner security, value, respect and wealth (not necessarily monetary) bless you and your life.

Good Luck and God Bless You!


Venice :)