13 November, 2011

Camouflaged Answers

A slow rumble at first

picking up pace

in thousands it rolled

as time went by.

Before I knew it

thunder clouds of thought

exploded in

the mind.

Millions of questions

clamouring to be heard

the clash

and bang

of one

against the other

was deafening


the soul.

Each of them loud

as steam-rollers passing

none of them ceasing

on emotions a-feasting

trodding lethally


the mind.

Striking the heart

at every


ripping the soul

so damn ferociously



blatantly hounding

shaking the foundations

of life-gifted sense.

Those questions, I say





desperate for answers...

desperate for answers...

Camouflaged Answers


09 November, 2011

Start - To - Finish

Chewing a toothpick

Slow steps taken
Toward the open window

People buzzing around
To school, to work, to market

Nothing much to do
Except piles of work

Yaww-aawwwnn, zero inclination
To begin attempting anything

Flip through mundane channels
Browse through random sites

Nothing appealing
Stretch and sleep tight

Damn! awful headache
Deadlines are almost up

Gotta start on them
In order to finish them

Drag the mind
And plod through work

Minutes limp by
Work done in dazed fashion

One at a time
The tasks reduce

4 more to go...
3 more...

2 more...
1 more..


Sigh! and flop dead on bed.

I've been a procrastinator since childhood - I've tried so many times to overcome it - and I've succeeded few times, but it's a bit addictive - all procrastinators would understand what I mean. However, it's obviously not a good habit and slowly I'm trying to finish my work on time, sticking to deadlines and pushing myself to start work. 

This poem was written to express how I used to while away my time and then rush and work with super fervour when the deadlines for work were minutes away.

Buck up fellow procrastinators, we CAN beat this nasty habit! Small, baby steps toward starting work is what we need. You'll just have to push yourself to do it or get someone else to motivate you. Will come up with a few steps to tackle this habit for you guys. 


Venice :)