15 October, 2011

Live Out Your Passions... Now!

How often has it happened with you, that you have a bunch of goals/dreams nestling in your mind, but you fail to follow them out of laziness or out of sheer unwillingness? 

As you grow older, time seems to press you to focus on other vital responsibilities and duties, thereby choking you from following the dreams you know are good.

How long do you allow this to happen? Do you wait for a sign? A wake-up call? Or do you just not bother about the whole deal and continue with your mundane duties?

Have you ever thought of living those dreams? Those goals? Have you ever decided to take them up and see them to the end?

Well, this is just a synopsis of what my article Live Out Your Passions! talks about in the Viewspaper.

It's very easy to have dreams - but to turn them into a dream come true needs true character, grit and confidence!

 Are You ready to follow your dreams?

Venice :)