08 September, 2011

Breaking News: Human Senses Bombed!

Once more they said,
A bomb blast again.
When's it gonna stop?
No one knows or cares.

Life goes on,
The same routine way.
Who's got time?
To stop and wail?

I've got things to do,
Can't be bothered with this.
I'm in a rush,
Gotta catch my bus.

Insensitive you say,
Then what are you?
Have you been there where,
The corpses lay?

I think not,
So just go your way.
Damn worries're on my mind,
Let's just hope and pray.

Hope and pray,
That's all that's left.
A duty or habit,
Call it what you may.

Beyond that what,
Can we do?
Nothing has changed,
And nothing will too.

A bomb blast today,
In capital city.
A bomb blast tomorrow,
Death toll 850!

The govt. condemns it,
Like every other time.
No action taken,
That's the real crime.

Intelligence teams,
Need an IQ check.
They don't seem to know,
What is best.

A list of suspects,
What's the use?
When you can't put,
No one in the noose?

Here comes my bus,
Till then take care.
Will see you tomorrow,
If I'm not blasted away!

This post has been written to show the so called 'resilient spirit' of us people. With the increasing frequency of bomb blasts occurring over our Country, we seem to be walking in the haze of these blasts, unable to see, think or feel clearly. How long will we take  to come out of this stupor? Or do we need some Anna-type personality again to pull us and make us realize what's happening to us and our Country?