30 September, 2011

The Path so far... The Changes so far

What do you do, when you see yourself changing? When your behaviour, your way of thinking, your attitude and your outlook start to undergo a metamorphosis? Like always, some of the changes maybe good, while some may, well, not be so good.

It's almost like you are a spectator, an outsider to yourself when you see yourself changing. And there are times when you feel that your soul is out there and that your body is just some object in which your soul takes a physical form. But I am digressing.

Back to the point - the 'new' you stands before you! (I wanted to write 'new and improved' but that may not always be the case). Just like basic human attention to novelty - you start to try out new experiences, new paths, new activities - gingerly, you experiment and play around with this 'new' you!

For some time it seems quite fascinating, most new things seem like that at first, until the thrill starts to fade away gradually. You start to miss your old self. That safe haven of yourself - where everything and anything you did would not be looked down at with disdain, a self that would always forgive you no matter how wrong you were, a self that always sought to protect you and love you.

I know I sound a bit 'weird' out here, but that's just how one's real self makes one feel. You try on different coats in every phase of life, discarding one, putting on another - and you find that 'ONE' coat that seamlessly blends with you!

But there are times, when even though you know which 'self' you are most comfortable wearing - you still try out an appetizing one that just entered your horizon - then starts the whole rigmarole again.

I guess you finally settle with the real self only once you've tried out all the others, or you're exhausted trying other selves, or you are secure with this self and know that no other can ever make you change your mind about it. But, it may also happen, that you never find the self that gels with you. (Not to worry, you can always enjoy the plethora of selves in your lifetime).

Your life - gives you so much, you learn everyday, you unlearn too every now and then, you grow, you mature, you do child-like things, you suffer, you celebrate - you do so much and you don't even grasp how much you've actually done in a short span of time! Magical - that's how it is - Life and You! 

I feel that some of you may not have really understood what I'm talking about or what the whole issue is about - but I just felt like writing what has been niggling and jabbing at my soul since quite some months now, so it's okay if you didn't get it - maybe you will understand it someday, one day.

It took me quite some time to put this down into words - never felt that I would get down to it. 

I started off with this blog on a different note in 2009 and have meandered my way through it till now - the change is quite visible. It's like my life-story is actually penned down here - and it feels, 'inexpressible'.

I'm rambling now, sorry. I hope I return to writing about things that actually make an impact on me. I hope I begin writing again about things that matter, about ideas that help others, about just writing to express and not to impress. 

Thank you loyal readers for being with me and Writing Revived!  

Venice :)

08 September, 2011

Breaking News: Human Senses Bombed!

Once more they said,
A bomb blast again.
When's it gonna stop?
No one knows or cares.

Life goes on,
The same routine way.
Who's got time?
To stop and wail?

I've got things to do,
Can't be bothered with this.
I'm in a rush,
Gotta catch my bus.

Insensitive you say,
Then what are you?
Have you been there where,
The corpses lay?

I think not,
So just go your way.
Damn worries're on my mind,
Let's just hope and pray.

Hope and pray,
That's all that's left.
A duty or habit,
Call it what you may.

Beyond that what,
Can we do?
Nothing has changed,
And nothing will too.

A bomb blast today,
In capital city.
A bomb blast tomorrow,
Death toll 850!

The govt. condemns it,
Like every other time.
No action taken,
That's the real crime.

Intelligence teams,
Need an IQ check.
They don't seem to know,
What is best.

A list of suspects,
What's the use?
When you can't put,
No one in the noose?

Here comes my bus,
Till then take care.
Will see you tomorrow,
If I'm not blasted away!

This post has been written to show the so called 'resilient spirit' of us people. With the increasing frequency of bomb blasts occurring over our Country, we seem to be walking in the haze of these blasts, unable to see, think or feel clearly. How long will we take  to come out of this stupor? Or do we need some Anna-type personality again to pull us and make us realize what's happening to us and our Country?


06 September, 2011

Cocooned in Whispers of Silence

 In the wee hours of morning, when all one can hear are the crickets chirping away, a delicate feeling of quietness steals up from the fingertips, reaches down to the toes, envelops the ears, trips across the chest and then finally seeps into the soul.

And there it stays, moments frozen for a lifetime.

One inhales the silence, the beauty of this sound tinkling through the mind and heart.

Silence whispers soothingly, and sings to the mind a beautiful lullaby.

The melody softly entwines itself between worries and sadness, pain and helplessness, fear and insecurity. They drift away, as quietness, lightness and peace fill the torn gaps of the soul and mind.

A caring touch shoots through the body as silence makes her way slowly - cradling and nestling one into the heavenly warmth of her embrace.

The heart throbs to a steady rhythm, the eyelids close, open and close again, consciousness slips into unconsciousness, and one floats away on boats of dreams over clear blue waters that reflect the diamonds of the sky.

Beauty in Silence.