16 August, 2011

I would love to visit…

neist point-isle of skye scotland

I can’t remember where I downloaded this photo from (I think that I first saw it featured on Yahoo!), but I do know that this is a picture of the Neist Point at the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Did I just hear a soft ‘sighhhh’ go about? Yeah, yeah… Scotland brings charming visuals and music to anyone who thinks about it.

Melodious bagpipes, the famous haggis, the breath-taking Loch Ness (the lake, not the monster Nessie), the jaw-droppingly-magnificent Castles and the simply-too-lovely-to-describe landscape – all have a heart-tingling charm of their own!
I’ve always debated which place I would love to go on a vacation to – and now – I think I‘ve found my answer :)

Which place is on the top of your ‘would-love-to-visit’ list? Artisitic Paris? Ancient Athens? Captivating Bora Bora? Mystical Egypt? or… ?

Venice :)