17 May, 2011

Love Stains

I don't know what it is about Love that makes people go bonkers - both happily bonkers and depressingly bonkers. Since the past few years, I've heard and seen so many people falling in and out of love. The initial heady-giddy stages, then the habitual meetings, the routine fights and then in some (rather, most) cases - heartache, heartbreak and break-ups.

This time (past few months), love is going through a really, really rough patch - throughout all age groups. It's become so bad that it actually inspired (can I use this word here?) me to write this poem.

The heartbroken people will probably relate to it... probably... if you don't, you can tell me what I missed out on and I'll include it in this poem below:


Stark white
dawn bright;
the eyesight.

So clear
so dear;
the sneer.


and feeling;

No gain
when insane;
love leaves
a stain.

I know it seems very 'to the point' with no crying, whining or lines of soppy stuff... So sorry for that.

And hey, if you come across some feel-good love stories, do share... it feels good to know that at least some people are happy in love and appreciate it with all its ups and downs :)

Cheerio till then!

Venice :)

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