07 April, 2011

Then & Now

And my mind wanders
To days long gone by;
Snapshots of tender care,
With honeyed drops of play.

I remember - as if - from another life,
Friendships pure and truthful,
While fleeting glimpses pass,
Of lemoned childhood days.

Forgiveness was so easy,
Understanding, always there;
The warm reassuring clasp of hands,
And harmless jokes that filled the air.

Sitting in a corner,
Filled with slight dismay,
All it took was a sunny smile
To feel fine once again.

And now here we are,
Packaged with busy days.
A customary 'Hi' or 'Hello',
Is all we hear and say.

To and fro we go,
Each and every day.
Trapped in a dreadful routine,
Till when, one just can't say!

Fulfilling our duties,
Various roles we play.
Casting our dice now and then,
Who knows how we'll have to pay!

Easy it was,
Difficult it seems.
Who knew that one day
We would reach such a place?


....Is it us?
Or is it them?
What is it that -
Has warped us this way?

   -- Venice.

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