06 March, 2011

NaBloPoMo - In a Word

Heya folks!

I've found something new this month - a special mention to one of my favorite blogger Kaddu, whose blog post introduced me to - this fun new activity called NaBloPoMo.

Well, you are probably wondering, what in the world is this na..blo..po...mo stuff, right? I too went through the same mental activity when I first read it. Let's sort it out --

NaBloPoMo stands for 'National Blog Posting Month.' It's very simple. Every month NaBloPoMo sets a monthly theme to write on and you post an entry to your blog about that theme every day for that month. Of course, most of the times due to busy work life, or personal issues one may be unable to stick to this format. The whole aim of NaBloPoMo is for bloggers to get down and write for their blog on a daily basis, which we otherwise tend to ignore or sometimes it's just that you don't know what to exactly write about out here.

Anyway, for the month of March, 2011 the NaBloPoMo theme is 'In a Word'. This theme centers around the idea that you either pick 'one' word and write a post based on that word, or else come up with one word that sums up what's going on in your life!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? :) :)

I was supposed to begin this on 2nd March, 2011 but well, due to an overload of office work I was unable to post anything.

Thank heavens for weekends!! I'll be posting some stuff soon out here... and oh, almost forgot to let you know that, NaBloPoMo sends out prompts Monday to Friday - prompts are just different themes for bloggers to blog about - this is if you have no idea what to write about even after the theme for the month is given out. So see, they secure all areas for you! Pretty neat and cool of them, I think! :)

I'm still debating whether to go in for the prompts or to choose a theme of my own... hmmm... I think.... I'll go in for... the prompts! Since it's my first time, I would like to get a hang of it and maybe next month I'll think up a topic of my own!

So lets see, the prompt thrown up for Friday was - "What's your favorite thing you love to waste time with right now? A guilty pleasure."

Wow, awesome!! I have JUST the right 'pleasure' in mind... ;)

Read my next post to know what it is!!

And oh, check out my NaBloPoMo Badge below!! I L-O-V-E IT!!!


Venice :)

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