02 February, 2011

Sunshine Melody

Sing to me,
That sweet melody of childhood,
Of laughter and smiles,
Where everything seemed right.

It's been a long time,
And those memories now beckon,
Of caterpillars and kites
And of scampering like mice.

Running across the beach sands
With naked feet.
Trying to build sandcastles,
Which the waves would always defeat.

Sucking on dusty petals,
And scribbling utter nonsense.
Singing (even if we couldn't),
Fun nursery rhymes.

Licking cold ice bars
In the burning summers,
Climbing up high rooftops,
Without a care in the world.

Carefree and Innocent,
Crazy and sweet,
Those adorable days,
Were golden indeed!


Venice :)


  1. Nice poem venice..
    Simple and sweet, innocent like a child's,
    resonating with the heartbeat, bringing on a smile! :)

  2. Sweet and lovely. Really, really enjoyable. Brought a smile to my face and memories to my mind :) Thanks for writing this :)

  3. They were golden days indeed, maybe they could come back even now, but there is some innocence lost.

    Nice lines, reminds me of a ghazal by Jagjit Singh.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Ah the memories of childhood...lovely images you manage to evoke Venice!

  5. I miss those days:(...good old time indeed:)

  6. Hey MysteryMind, thanks a lot! And I really like the lines you've penned down here... :)

    @ Charu: Thanks for reading and commenting Charu, it's always feels good to see you drop in your lines here! Hope to read more posts from you soon - they bring back so many fond memories! :)

  7. @ B.A: I've been toying with the idea of writing about us losing our innocence as we grow up... anyway, which ghazal of Jagjit are you talking about?

  8. Hi P.B!! Nice to see you here :) I wrote this poem on an impulse, I'm hoping to one day sit down at leisure and write a poem like the olden day poets used to - you know, all in iambic pentameter and all! Lord knows when that will happen though!

  9. True Raksha... those days.. sigh.. one can just get lost in the days of childhood... Nice to have you here :)

  10. I didn't read this, I heard it as a song! Liked it! :)

  11. Ye daulat bhi le lo, ye shohrat bhi le lo,
    bhale cheen lo mujh se meri jawaani,
    magar lauta do wo bachpan ka saawan,
    wo kaagaz ki kashti, wo baarish ka paani...

  12. Good to see you here Sourav :) How did you hear it as a song? Did you compose a sweet tune for it?

  13. @ B.A: I've heard this somewhere.. some time back... Thanks for sharing it! Will look it up on YouTube or something.. Cheers :)

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  15. Read your post - quite nicely done - the 'fire-freeze' moment! Good work :) And it always feels good when readers relate to what you've written and expressed - so Thanks for dropping by, reading and telling me that you like this poem of mine :)

    Good Luck with the Contest Raj!!

  16. those were beautiful moments indeed which you expressed.

  17. Hi Pratibha, I'm happy to see that this poem touched someone or the other in its own way :) Childhood moments are just un-forgettable... Everyone has their own set of childhood memories that they visit every now and then! Anyway, thanks for coming by and letting me know that you liked it :) Have a nice day!


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