27 February, 2011

Are you a Hobby-worm?

As we get older, life seems to get more complicated. That veil of optimism and innocence seems to gradually slip away. It's so common, when you start working, to hear your friends and colleagues whine about work, family pressures, love and life in general - and it makes you wonder, how did we come to be like this?

Is it because that while we are at school, we had everything going easy - even college seemed fine. But the moment you enter the work environment, a whole new world suddenly opens up and swallows you. There you are in the midst of work, buried under paper-work, or staring at the computer screen, hardly getting up from your seat until you find that your knees don't seem to bend much. 

When you are at office, you don't really remember a place called 'home'. There are hundreds of calls to attend to - boss's call, client's call, colleagues call, IT department calls... the list goes on. And oh yes, we can't leave the 'meetings' out of this scenario. Your mind gets so cluttered with all of this. You want to just go out for a quick break but oh no, there are those deadlines to be met, and if you don't meet them - then, you have to face the music, from the boss as well as from the client. Spectacular life, huh?

Well but anyway, you signed up for all of that - to keep your life going, to reach a certain goal, to survive - many more reasons. By the time you come back home, you're already mentally and physically exhausted with the days work - and now you quickly change into your role of a son/daughter/mother/husband/father/wife/sister or room-mate. Then starts your other life - where the general family/hostel/PG/flat scenarios begin. The servants attitude problem, the gas running out, the electricity bill to be paid, the food to be cooked [or if you're lucky, it has already been cooked].. blah, blah..

Of course there are others who love the night-life and relax the days worries out with friends, food, alcohol, parties etc. Still, there's enough drama in life - it doesn't spare anyone. 

So, with all this, where does that leave you? Take a moment...

Try this, actually there's no need to try it as it comes out naturally, but coming to the point - when you meet a friend after a long time the conversation mostly goes like this [let me know if there are different reactions to these questions]:

Friend A: Hey B!! How are you?

Friend B: Yeah fine dude! And how are you?

Friend A: Good, good, I'm fine... hey how's your work going on?

Friend B: You know, the same usual.. it's okay...

And after a few minutes, you will find Friend B pouring out his/her woes about work-life, how the boss makes him/her suffer, the colleagues rudeness, the politics, the work hours, the headaches... and on it goes...

I'm not saying that everyone has this response, but most of us do.

So, how do you get out of this rut? 

There are several ways to get out of this 'rut', one of these 'ways' was suggested by a professor of ours... Read on...

So, one of our professor's told us that once we start working, we need to pursue a creative line along with it. Stick to a hobby closest to you and keep at it. He said that by doing this, we will still retain an outlet for all those worries, stress and issues that are bottled in us, and also, it helps us remain imaginative, original, creative and brings a dash of fun in our otherwise humdrum life. (Psst... it helps you get awesome ideas for your business/marketing/advertisement plans too).

How right he has been! A hobby really helps release all that negative energy filled in you. This is just one of the many ways to stay positive and have fun. There are lots more, but it wouldn't be appropriate to write them all in this post.

So, be it reading, singing, playing sports, juggling, writing, painting, whistling, embroidering or swimming - follow a hobby. Keep in touch with your special qualities, hone them, immerse yourself in them and who knows, maybe by doing that, you may find a new career!

Like life, not all work days are good and not all work days are bad. It changes every day and we adapt ourselves to the situation [mostly]. A hobby helps keep you grounded to things you love the most - it helps you tune in to yourself. 

It's never too late! If you haven't started yet, now's your chance. Remember an old childhood hobby or cultivate a new one and nurture it. Don't waste your talent.

Do let me know when it works for you! 

Have fun guys, let's see if you become a hobby-worm :)


Venice :)


  1. Well penned dear!

    Visit my blog & I hope you will like it!
    Link= http://frekler.blogspot.com/

  2. Its the same that I have come to realize of late, its not just the stress that it keeps down, but also helps us fare well in our profession too.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Quite true and especially relevant in todays work schedule. People are hardly able to take out time for themselves. Nd even when they’re free (which comes as a pleasant surprise for them as well), they are at a loss at what they should do. That's when they can reflect and find out what their hobby was (once upon a time) and pursue that. And as u said, it’s a pretty helpful!
    Nice post venice :)

  4. Thanks MoonShine, I've visited your blog and it was nice reading some of your poems - they are very realistic and one can relate to them! :) Keep in touch.

  5. Hi B.A!! It always feels good when you drop in and say that you like my articles/poems... Great to have you around! Cheers :)

  6. Hi MM07! It's really irritating when work piles up... and like you said, when one has free time, one is at a loss to know what to do, 'cause one is so habituated to being busy all the time!

    It's nice when you drop in your views and give new suggestions... :) Have a nice time!!

  7. Definitely agree with your point or rather your professor's point. Need to have an outlet for negative energy filled inside of you.

  8. Hey Perception!! Yeah, that was a really nice point our professor put forward for us! It's really helped a lot!! Nice of you to drop in and leave your views :) See ya!