26 December, 2010

I saw Santa Claus!!

FOREWORD: Please read this poem like you would as a child. Remember the old, fun times of waiting for Santa? Think of those times and read it! Enjoy :)

It's so dark
And so creepy,
The shadows on the walls,
Frighten and spook me.

Whisper, whisper, whispers,
Come through my bedroom window.
Who's out there at this time,
I lay, a bit scared and wonder.

Could it be elves?
Or fairies and pixies?
Could it be a reindeer,
Who's come to see me?

Oooh, it's too exciting,
To wait and see what happens.
Will I get to see,
Santa Claus walk in?

Just then, I see him,
A blurry red and white.
He tiptoes by my door,
Trying to keep out of sight.

I get down from my bed,
And slip out quietly.
I make my way to the hall,
With mingled nerves and glee.

Softly I step,
Toward our Christmas Tree.
I find him stacking all our gifts,
Around it, neat-ly.

I stand there rooted,
Looking in awe at him.
He glances up and sees me,
And flashes a merry grin.

He looks at me benignly,
And I hear him say.....
..... "Wake up Rita darling,
C'mon, it's Christmas Day!"

Merry Christmas everyone!! May you have good times, great fun and of course have super awesome food :)


Venice :)


  1. wish u too a great christmas and a happy new year

  2. good 1 dear,profound feelings of a kid well defined n xpressed here..lovely wrk

  3. Nice. I just came to find how to add comments to my blog by taking a look at your page. I read your poem. Its good. Take a look at my blog sometime. Its tracetherays.blogspot.com. Good day.

  4. How sweet! Thanx for making me feel as if I was revisiting my childhood.

  5. Cheers to you Venice, merry Christmas.
    And the poem, it was from a heart that is young like a child. Beautiful... and happy new year too.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Thank You Harish! Compliments of the season to you :)

    @ Vineet: Thanks for reading and letting me know that you like it :) Wish you a great year ahead!!

  7. Hi Kamma!! It feels good when people tell you that they like your work :) However, I didn't understand the part about you getting to know how to add comments!

  8. Hey Ruhi... :) It's always sweet and fun to revisit those childhood days, thoughts and memories, na! Season's Greetings to you!! :)

  9. Hi B.A, those are really heart-warming words 'the poem, it was from a heart that is young like a child' :)

    Have a good time ahead!! Cheers :)

  10. Merry chrismas and happy new year!May love and Santa be integral part of your life!

  11. sweet and radiates joy,shows u r young at heart :)
    Christmas sure brings in great fun and memories to cherish...!


  12. Pleasant and as innocent as a child's first poem! :) Keep writing, new years wishes to you Venice!

  13. Hey "Kiddo!" that was awesome :)My santa is mostly my mom, she gets me gift on the christmas eve.

  14. Hi Arpana!! Compliments of the Season to you!! :) I miss waiting for Santa to come and secretly keep my gift at the foot of my bed :D

  15. True Sarah, Christmas is filled with so much fun, joyful moments and pure sweet pleasure!! :) Wishing you the Season's Best!! Cheers :)

    @ Sourav: Hi, nice to see you here :) Childhood memories of Christmas always stay strong... like I said above, I was missing the thrill of waiting for Santa and so, wrote this poem :) Have a happy year ahead Sourav!

  16. @ Anto: Lucky you! After I realized the truth behind 'Santa' I stopped asking for gifts automatically... still, I get to fun Christmas shopping sometimes, so that's fun :) Have a nice time!! Ciao...

  17. Lovely poem. Merry Christmas.. :)

  18. Wish you all a Merry Christmas (belated) and a very Happy New Year!

  19. Thanks Satwinder and Have a pleasant year ahead!!

    @ Rajtilak: Compliments of the Season to you!! Nice to see you here :)

  20. Aww, that was so cute! Very very nice!!! :)

  21. Wore my Christmas shoes and walked down the memory lane :)
    Ah! Christmas:)

    Nothin's better than this time of the year

    Good one from a kid's POV.

    Btw, something missing here?
    "I make my to the hall,"

  22. Hi Amit, I'm happy to see that you liked it :) and oh, thanks for pointing out the word missing... hadn't noticed it - it should be: "I make my way to the hall". Will make the correction. See you around :)