06 October, 2010

I am Sorry

I haven't written in days... why? Because I was caught up in so many duties and responsibilities... but that doesn't mean that I didn't think about you.

Believe me, I thought about you everyday... wondering when I could see you again and when I could share things with you. It tore me apart - a little bit everyday, when I couldn't make it to see you... I wanted to meet you, seriously, but, you know how things are... numerous duties trot around the whole time and bar me from coming to you.

I could have turned my back on them, but now that I think of it, it seems like I turned my back on you. I took you for granted... because I knew you would wait for me, patiently. You won't even think of reprimanding me... and that's bad you know - you should question me. Question me about my values and ethics... it's the one way I'll learn to be a better person!

You've been always here for me... never wandering too far away, and I have been neglecting you - for so many days and days... That is not right of me. No, it's not.

This time I've gone too far and it's time I realized the good things I have in my life. One of them being you - My Dear Blog !

I'm Sorry. Sorry that I haven't given you the care you need.

From now on, I will be here... with you. Just like you've been here for me.

Thank You Blog!



  1. :) It always feels amazing to talk to inanimate objects.

    Btw, u changed ur theme again?! :D I love this one... was my first theme!

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  3. yeah you should.....you should love your blog always... :) nice entry.. :)

  4. Never say sorry, just make amends! :)

  5. @ venice welcome back ..nice way to come back,did u know i was peeking in now n then?:)

  6. @ Dee: ye-eah.. it feels good talking to inanimate stuff... have been doing that since I was a kid :) and yeah, I finally found this bg and loved it... :) I may change the bg, of course after some few months :D

  7. @ MoonShine: That's quite a nice pseudonym you have... conjures deep and mysterious images in ones head!! I have just started reading your posts and, most of them echo my thoughts... good going.. :) Cheers!!

    @ gazal: That's what I'm going to do now on... Just felt bad and sorry for my blog... will write more often now on :) Thanks for being there!

  8. @ Nithin: True... I do love my blog... going to take care of it now on.

    @ Sourav: You're right... It's time I started making some amends and fixing things up here... Thank You! :)

  9. @ Raji: Heya... nice to know that you were peeking in... sorry that I didn't give you much new suff to read though! Anyway, I'll be writing more frequently now... so this time when you peek in, you will have something to read out here! Cheerio Raji! :)

  10. And the amends that you made?

  11. @ Sourav: I have a lot of plans and ideas... building up on them now.... will be acting on those soon!! Wait a bit... and you will find new stuff happening here!! :)

  12. Van - I think very soon even I need to write something like this :P This shows how much you miss and love your blog. Kudos!


    1. You've still been regular Ste... me turned my back on poor WR a second time! *sulks...

  13. So now try to be regular, ok? See I am coming to your blog after ages :D and I hope to read more from you these days. So keep writing Van! :-)


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