22 October, 2010

Ephemeral Darkness

The darkness chills
With an ethereal thrill.

The silver moon sears
Through gnawing fears.

A swish, a stroke
Secrets broke.

Overwhelming cool waves
Washes all evil away.

-- Venice


  1. Beautiful.
    Short and sweet.

  2. Evil has always been more enticing that Good.

    I won't compare it with good on any other front, both serve me well. :P

  3. :) Very to the point... i can almost 'feel' the atmosphere u've created here!

  4. Ephemeral I am.
    Ephemeral are You...
    But we share a moment, Ephemeral it too...

  5. lovely just lovely...few lines n ur job is done..impressv

  6. Thank you Ajay...

    @ BA: Ye-eah, sometimes evil does have a certain seductiveness about it... I hope, one day, I can write a poem/article on the seductive quality of darkness and evil. It would be quite interesting, don't you think so?

  7. @ Dee: Thanks... I was trying to put in some more elements but then felt it would spoil the brevity of the poem. So, left it at this... :)

    @ Gazal: Ooooh, ni-ice! It's fun to read a poem as a comment... :) nice to see you popping in with your comments... Ciao!

  8. @ Vineet: Like I said above to Dee, I would've written more, but it wouldn't have the same impact then. I think this is the shortest poem I've ever written!

  9. A swish..a stroke..loved the line:)

  10. Hi Raksha... nice to have you here... yeah, the swish and the stroke give a good sound effect along with a subtle imagery... don't they?

  11. Nice... Really liked it.. Emits a nice feeling... :)

  12. Hi Mystery Mind :) great to see you here!!! and glad you like it! Cheers :)

  13. Ahhhh..I am reading it at night and the words seem all the more beautiful and apt! Lovelyyyy <3 <3

  14. Hey Megha.. yeah, I can just imagine the setting and mood and effect this poem would have if read at night! :) Glad you like it!!


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