18 October, 2010

Call Me !

You messaged saying,
That you would call me soon.
I haven’t heard from you yet,
What am I to do?

It’s been 48 hours
And still counting.
You’re so far away from me,
My fear is mounting.

You are out of my reach,
And there’s no other way.
My hopes are pinned on you,
Please don’t go away.

56 hours now
And I’ve been staring at my phone.
Waiting to see it flash,
With your number alone

If i could just hear you,
Listen and Talk to you,
I wouldn’t be so afraid,
I wouldn’t be so blue

72 hours and it’s been too long,
Devastated, all my hope’s are gone.
The tears fall on my phone
And then finally I see your call

Life pumps into me again,
As I hear your voice.
You say you’re coming back,
I hug myself in delight.

One phone call,
That’s all I needed.
To reunite with you
And stay committed.

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This theme of Tata DOCOMO's - One Touch - Net Phone is quite nice... so many ideas floated in my head... Sorry, I'm rambling, aren't I? Anyway, getting to the point - This post has been written by me for the Share Life Blogger Contest - Indiblogger in association with Tata DOCOMO's One Touch - Net phone [it looks so savvy ;) ] 

Thanks a lot guys...

P.S: Special Thanks to Deepa for providing valuable feedback and help!


Venice :)


  1. Awww Thanks for the mention! :) Love the poem!!! :D

  2. Its soooo cutteee... I just loved it.

  3. Loved it...hope your phone call arrived...!!!

  4. @ Dee: You could participate too... your songs and poems always start a tune in my head :) Will be reading your new posts soon...

  5. @ Zainab: Hey-llo !!! Your lively spirit is contagious... it gets transferred to me whenever you post a comment here :) thanks for your sweet thoughts!

  6. @ Vikram: Thank you very much... this was fiction, so... :D I hope I don't have to wait so long for a phone call in real life!

  7. hahaha...
    it was like that song,

    How long have I been,
    out in the storm,
    so overwhelmed by the ocean's,
    shapeless form...

    If I'd see you, everything will be all right,
    If I'd see you, this darkness would turn to light.

    Nice poem. :)

  8. Nice one . My vote goes to you :)

  9. Awesome!
    i like r&b u know and i write too. when i was reading your poem i felt the rhythm and felt the blues too :))
    Looking forward to reading more poems...

  10. Nice.. its so fresh n lively..

  11. @ B.A: Hey... after a long time!! Which song have you mentioned here... I don't know it...

  12. @ Arpana: yeah it did... at least in the poem :D

    @ Ana: Hey.. thanks for reading... and good to know you liked it :)

  13. @ pRasad: Thank you... Cheers !

    @ Macedonio: I haven't heard much of R&B songs... since you've mentioned it here, I am now interested in it.. do recommend any favourite R&B songs of yours to me... because I don't really know where to start! Thanks :)

  14. @ Neha: Thank you so much Nehaji... It's lovely to have you here!! :)

  15. wow very nice poem... keep coming with more such stuffs...

  16. Hi Radhika... Thank You!! Will be writing some more poems, seeing that people really like them :)

  17. nice poem...........long term relationships.....just need a phone call...you dont even need to talk :)

  18. Waiting for a phone call can be so bad at time. :)

  19. @ Abhishek: Yeah... sometimes, silence says it all.

    @ BK: Oh tell me about it... time seems to stretch on infinitely... plus, you have eyes only for your phone, your whole concentration is stuck on when the phone will ring.

  20. supervvv..first time to ur blog n trust me i m gonna make it count...incredibl

  21. Hi there Vineet, lovely to see that you are so impressed with WR [Writing Revived] :) Hope to see your comments here often from now on! Have a nice day.. :)

  22. Thank you Rachit! Have fun :)

  23. I guess its too late for voting or 'liking' it. But I do like it. Hence, this comment. :)

    1. It's never too late... nice of you to let me know you liked it :) there's no expiry date for comments on blog posts ;)


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