18 September, 2010

Triple Scoop Award

Wow! This is like a 3-in-1 Blog Award... It's like having a triple scoop ice-cream!! Yummy-yum-yum.. but mm, this isn't an ice-cream, so okay... getting back on track, I have received these cute and pretty awards from the ever bubbly Zainab! Thanks Zainab... :) It feels good to get these from you :) super cute!!

Have a look at ...

Ze pretty-cute Awards 


Cute, ain't they?

Well now, as most of you know, these awards come with certain rules... so here they are:

1. Thank those who loved you enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven (7) things about yourself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.

Well, Zainab.. following the above... Thankoo!! :) Waiting to read more blog posts from you!

Now for the Seven things about myself... this needs some thinking.... let's see...

1. I like singing... I'm good as an Alto [I think], Soprano is just way above my level - I would sound more like a frog if I tried Soprano :D

2. I like making short-term plans... they mostly work out better than the long-term ones

3. I think a lot :)

4. Cooking up a new dish or experimenting with some new recipes has always interested me... trying to hone my skills in this area... not interested in being a chef though, as long as I can cook well, I'm happy :)

5. Lecturing - one thing I love to do... especially when it comes to my Sister ;)

6. Shopping isn't of much interest to me, unless it's really necessary for me to get a new wardrobe...

7. Surfing television channels is good fun!! Get to watch so many different shows in a short span of time :P

There, that's done.. and now the lucky 10 bloggers [I've chosen 6 though, so Lucky 6 bloggers] I would like to pass these awards on to are...

1. Charu

2. Rahil

3. The Restless Quill


Deepika Jayasurya

Well, lucky Six... your blogs have a certain 'fine aura' and I felt you guys really deserve these awards!! Congratulations guys... and girls :)

Like always, this was fun to do... have been meaning to put this up a week back, but was more concerned about the 'look' of my Blog.. but more about my blog-looks in my next post!

For now, cheerio and have a nice weekend people!!


Venice :)