22 August, 2010

Blogging and Me?? I don't think so....

That, was the first thought that crossed my mind when I read about 'Blogging - the new journal' in a newspaper, years back. I had always maintained dear journals, recording most of the ideas that floated around in my mind. Why would I want to put them down for the world to see, was one question that kept knocking around in my head. It just seemed so inane at that time. I went through some blogs to see what the whole drama was about... however, the blogs I got to read [at that time] were full of rantings about personal, professional and relationship issues... which just put me off. 

I somehow did not like the idea of putting down personal thoughts online where almost everyone would peek in and read about... I vowed [I'm never good at it] that I would not fall into this trap of 'Blogging'. I maintained this vow quite well for around 3 years or so WHEN... our lecturer gave us an assignment - Create your Blog and figure out how it can be used and for what purposes. I groaned inwardly... that which I swore never to do, I had to now do [because, my final grade depended on it].

So there I sat that night, in my hostel room [aaah, miss it... anyway], my laptop in front of me and a blank screen mirroring my mind... what in the world was I supposed to write about??? I dreaded the thought of reading some blogs again, for fear that it would throw up some more soppy stuff... I decided to visit a friend's blog... and THERE... I heaved a sigh of relief... her blog seemed quite nice, with little poems and articles which voiced her opinions on the political/economical situations in the country... that seemed pretty good to me.

But still [the word 'but' has been a long dear friend of mine], yeah but, I was still staring at my cupboard wondering what to write about... and as it is with me, my mind leaped from one thought to another, with me trying to follow my thoughts as best as I could until, it stopped at [XIC]... I would be graduating from it in two months and I had learnt a lot while studying there.

That was it! I wrote a short piece on my journey in XIC called A walk through the 'Woods' .... While writing it, something, I can just call it - Magical, was happening... I really liked the feeling of writing down something on a Blog. I had always liked writing, ever since I was a kid, but [see, 'but' never leaves me :) ] but, with all the rush of finishing class 10, going to college, graduating and preparing for the next step in life, I had pushed a well-loved hobby of mine, right to the back shelf of my mind... Thanks to my lecturer, I re-discovered my cute hobby!!! Plus, I changed my mind about 'Blogging' :) 

That's how I came about with the Title for my Blog - 'Writing Revived', that simple assignment brought me back to Writing! I may not write blog posts everyday, but [sigh, that word again :)] I don't abandon it for too long, now on.

I LOVE Writing and I totally LOVE my shweeeeeet Blog!!  :) :)

Before I end this, I would just like to say - if you have a hobby or a passion, don't make the mistake of letting other things shutting it out from your life. These little hobbies and passions are too precious to be ignored. They make up your Life!


Venice :)