03 July, 2010

Billion Hearts Beating

This post of mine is quite different from my earlier posts. I just liked the concept and hence felt like writing about it.

I came across the Billion Hearts Beating Campaign through Indiblogger. This Campaign seeks to create awareness among people about the importance of keeping their heart in good health. This campaign is being run by one of the premier health-care group - Apollo in partnership with the Times Of India.

I feel it is a good initiative taken up. In today's lifestyle, there are among us few who value health. Most of us on the other hand love to indulge ourselves with harmful substances that torture our health, without us even realizing it. So a campaign like Billion Hearts Beating brings to our attention the damage we do to our body system.

We sit in front of computers the whole day, type, type, typing away... we hardly move from our seats, some of us even eat our lunch at our desks!! Also, with materialism all around us, we hardly ever walk... the only time we do walk I think is when we have to get to bed. Trains, buses, cars, elevators - though they make life a bit easier, they also make us so dependent on them that we forget that we could jump off them a few streets away from our destinations and continue on foot to the place we need to reach.

Junk food, rich food, spicy food, french fries, ... mmmm, makes ones mouth water doesn't it? I have always been a big fan of junk food... it's so tasty and yummy and oh-so-tempting, who can not do without it? However, I've just changed my mind after reading through this healthy heart talk... How can I harm my heart? It's the one thing that helps me Live, it's the one that sees to it that I get to do so many things in life... So, difficult as it may seem for me, I pledge to stay away from oily food and junk food. Sigh!

We don't exercise enough too... Our muscles and mind need some exercise to feel refreshed in order to help us tackle our daily chores and work. No wonder, we droop, slouch and have headaches and body aches most of the time. Without exercise our body feels zapped with no energy!!  Everyday I make up my mind that the next day, I'll start yoga or aerobics... but it's never happened, till now! Well, yoga, here I come, finally!

If we don't take care of our hearts, we may be inviting coronary  heart disease, heart attacks and other heart diseases.

But don't lose heart :)  There are ways to maintain the health of your heart.. Here are

92 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy
"Sourced from www.apollolife.com”

You can read more about  the heart, the risk factors, tips to keep your heart healthy, see inspiring videos and other heart related news over here:  Billion Hearts Beating

Plus, if you are an Indiblogger, you can join the campaign and pledge to keep your heart healthy by the following ways:

 So guys, those of you who would like to Support and Pledge for the health of your heart, you can do so by clicking on the "20,000 Bloggers for a Billion Hearts" Widget that I have pasted on the right hand sidebar.

Those of you who do click on the Pledge, please leave a comment below saying that you've clicked on it and mention that you have pledged for A Billion Hearts! Thank You!

I have taken the Pledge to Get enough Sleep... will do so now on!

This thought just popped into my head - If I don't take care of my heart... how will it take care of me?

Venice :)


  1. nice post :)
    Thankfully after coming to UK I have been walking regularly...the town I live in is small so can just walk to work...
    But I do agree, most of us end up eating wrong food and being lazy...

  2. Yo! Thank you for caring about our heart ...you are doing a good job mate!

  3. In office I've seen 25-30 yr olds getting a heart attack. Quite Sad actually.

  4. @ LP: It's good you go for walks... it's quite refreshing and good for the body!!

    @ Meg: :) Thanks Meg!!

    @ Kanishk: Oooh, that's very sad. I didn't know it's getting people when they are in their 20's !!

  5. very thought provoking post...we careless people never understand how things harm us...thanks for sharing...:)

  6. Hey Saumya... After going through the Billion Hearts website, i realized how much I myself was harming my heart... now I've decided to stay away from junk food and other bad habits! It's gonna be a bit tough but it's for my own good, so it should work I guess :)

  7. Venice!maine shapath lee hai.Dil ka khayaal rakho nahin to toot jayega,bechara aakhir dil hi to hai.

  8. Nice post.

    All the best for your exercise regimen... Keep us posted on ur progress. The key is small benefits over a long time... Dont be a weekened warrior :-)

    (I hope this one posts after 2 errors...)

  9. @ Varsha: Great!! take care of your heart!

    @ Sty: I'm just starting out on basic yoga techniques... had done them last when I was at school.. it's been a really long time!!

  10. I started watching more romantic comedies that keeps me happy and I smile more often now.

    Nice write up Venice :)

  11. @ Pallav: That's a sweet way to keep yourself happy... feel-good movies always leave you with this nice-warm-snug feeling!! Thanks for coming by :)

  12. Nice post, Thanks for participating in the initiative. Go read my thoughts for the same cause, Save a Heart - The Untold Story !

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  13. @ Saravana: Thanks for coming by :) read your post - quite innovative and a great way to drive home the point of valuing our lives and our hearts!! Good Work!! :)

  14. @Venice
    Thanks a Billion for stopping by Few Miles, do be regular on my updates. Do vote if my Initiative worth so..

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  15. @ Saravana: Sure... liked your story!! :)


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