22 June, 2010

My Best Friend

How do you know who your Best Friend is? Change is constant and we all have been through times where we keep finding new friends and Best Friends... But some things stay the same for years. For me, till now, it's been my Best Friend - Somya! 

Yesterday she wrote This very touching and a slightly funny Blog Post on our Friendship over the years... 10 years to be exact. It's wondrous the way a friendship weaves its course. My friendship with Somya has been laced with numerous ups and downs, twists and turns, fun and seriousness, worries and happy moments... and pure madness :D

For starters, I hardly believed that opposites attract [when I was a kid], but when I came in touch with a live example - I couldn't help but agree to that phrase. Somya and I are totally opposite in our behaviours. She has always been the extrovert person with a charming personality, an awesome conversationalist - she could hold an interesting conversation with any random person she met!! Full of energy and zest she would zoom around the school talking to anyone she came across... Brilliant mind, a bit of an absent-minded professor though :P, add to that loads of confidence and wittiness - maybe it has something to do with her being a Gemini, but anyway...

Now we come to me, the direct opposite of her - me, the introvert girl, shy, quiet, reserved, speaking only when necessary, no interest in mixing around with everyone, listening to other people talk, a tad bit lazy with a complete disinterest in debates - total opposites, huh? What drew me to her was her unpredictability when it came to doing anything... you never knew when she would change her mind and do something totally unexpected!! Her unpredictability has always kept me at the edge of my seat :D

I think most people wondered how we, diametrically opposite people came to be the Best of Friends in a short span of time! It had me wondering too at that time. Over the years however, I realised what made us connect so well - mutual respect and understanding. Those two elements were the foundations of our friendship. After that came a penchant for philosophy... we would sit for hours discussing philo topics, we would also lightly jump from one topic to another... our minds were of an exact match - almost like 'twin minds', plus we had our periods of craziness where we would come up with wild ideas - those were really fun!! 

At that age, bouts of jealousy too was a part of our friendship :) Since she was a gregarious person, most of the times, she would halt our progress to some destination because she would meet someone and then they would talk and talk and talk! There were times when [due to her absent-mindedness and me being a quiet person] she would forget that I was standing there! :D 

Years rapidly sped by like a horse at the derby... before we knew it, we had finished with school and that's where our paths diverged... she went into Engineering while I pursued English Literature. For some years we kept in touch through letters... we would be innovative with each letter.. a ribbon attached, a favourite actor's photograph sent along... we would use glitter pens, sketch pens and crayons :) very sweet and cute!!

To our great joy, my father was transferred to Pune and soon Somya too came there to complete her studies. We would meet from time to time and would hang out either at her college grounds or at our favourite haunt - McDonald's !! It was lovely to reconnect and have our intellectual talks. Nothing had changed [except that we had grown older and a bit wiser] :)

One of the best aspects of our friendship was 'no expectations', we have always given each other 'space'... plus we've always been there for one another [it may sound a bit romantic, but such is our friendship!] Even with our differences, we have always stood on common ground.

It's an exciting friendship, with two mad-hatters, what else could one imagine it to be? Right now, again distance is a real spoil-sport, but thanks to social networking sites and Google Talk, we connect every now and then, plus a cell phone call is always there to bridge the great divide. 

Wow, I've written quite a lot, haven't I? I could write a lot more... but maybe this is enough.

People always feel that childhood friends are the Best - they know you, inside-out... Quite true...

I wonder what good deeds I've done to get a simply, truly absolutely loving Friend like YOU, Somya!! Thank you for being here in my Life.. Love You and Miss You!!!  

Venice :) 

P.S: This song is dedicated to you Somya!


  1. Aww this is a lovely post! You both sound great together...takes me back to my childhood days....

  2. Hi, it's always a pleasure to see you here :) ye-eah, we do sound cute, na? :D and childhood memories always make us feel sooooo mmmm... it gives a cozy, comfortable feeling! I Would love to read your thoughts about your childhood days and friends! :)

  3. Very nice post. Loved reading it. Completely agree that "mutual respect and understanding" can make two most different people unite. I have friends like that myself. It's wonderful to have true, loving friends and even better when you can stay in touch. Wish you and her best of luck! :)

  4. Pretty cool post indeed.

  5. @ Charu: Great that you have friends like this.. it's just awesome to have friends in your life who understand you, who are always there for you and who believe in you! Thanks for all your wishes :) very nice of you!

  6. Thank You very much Priya! Hope to write more posts that you will appreciate :) Have a nice day!

  7. Ironic isn't it when opposites attract! Its like an unwritten biological rule or something. My best friend is a girl (well that is one opposite there already!). And ya we both are total opposites of each other and probably the reason why we connect and understand each other so well!

  8. Hi Venice,
    'Opposites attract'...quite true...lovely post...glad to see you on my blog:)


  9. there is something which clicks....between two people....they may be two different personalities .....but personalities can't be the criteria for it.......

    well me ....i can't just pick one person ....there are more than one people who are close to me.......and i can spend ours with them...without getting bored......i can say...best friend should be the one...with whom you are never bored..........who understands when you're joking and when you are serious about stuff.......to whom you don't have to explain anything or to tell anything.......

    though ppl say ....you shldn't take others for granted....but BFF shld be the ones whom you can take from granted.....defaults.....like if you ever think of people who will help you......you don't even count your BFF's cause they will help you....they have no options......other than to help.....

    anyways.........congratulations.....on your second post of the month....yaaaayyyyy........you know....something tells me you are too lazy to write or to busy to write......clarifications needed...... :)

    PS :- when you write Google talk and leave a link.....it shld be the Gtalk ID .....now the place where you can download Gtalk from......come on...give some space to the stalkers......

  10. Hi Venice.. lovely post, this reminds me of my frnd. A similar case, she is all silent and me talkative and absent minded. I am mailing your post across to her. Thanks for writing it on our behalf. He he

  11. @ Nishant: Well, I've come across people who are opposites and who just can't get along together at all!! I suppose there are some unique times when opposites do attract. Awesome, you have a girl buddy and that too of an opposite nature to yours! Must be total fun, na? :D

  12. @ Raksha: Hi, actually your profile pic caught my eye... it's a really cute image :) then I read your blog posts and found them interesting, so hopped in to your followers list :D Good to know you liked the post :) keep in touch! Cheerio..

  13. @ Hitesh: oh-ho, itna lamba sa comment!! :P chalo, answer karne ki koshish karti hoon...

    first of all, nice to know your thoughts about this subject.. no one really knows what 'exactly' attracts opposites, I guess it's different characteristics for each person.

    My friend and I are just the way you described a best friend.. "who understands when you're joking...to whom you don't have to explain anything or to tell anything" :) nice lines

    as for it being the 2nd post in the month, it's cuz I'm a bit of both... a bit lazy + a bit busy... :)

    aur haan, ending, like I said in this post "I'm the kind of person who has no interest in mixing around with others" and that is why dear Hitesh, I wasn't foolish to give my GTalk ID.. if anyone is interested in getting in touch with me, they can find out by their own devices how to contact me.

    P.S: Aur itna, mera taang mat kheecho! :P :)

  14. @ Zainab: AWESOME!! I simply love such a comment! :) It's thrilling when you find so many people identifying with your own experience!! And, anytime you need me to write anything on yours and your friend's behalf, just let me know ;) Cheers to your friendship!! I wish you guys a long, happy friendship! :)

  15. To me, the most thrilling part of a strong friendship is the reconnecting after years of being together and then heading in different directions to do your own stuff. With my best friend, its like those intervening years never happened. Nothing changed, :)

  16. Touching post.
    Cheers to you guys and your friendship.

  17. Beautifully written.
    You're right - childhood friendship is a truly enduring relationship.

  18. @ Journomuse: True, it's the same case here... whenever we meet each other after long gaps of time, we connect in the same old way... it's like not a single year had passed by :)

    @ D2: Heya, Thanks :)

  19. @ Vikram: Nice to have you here!! Childhood friends are the best'est' :)

  20. What a beautiful post brimming in love and emotions :D :D
    Loved it thoroughly :)
    I too wrote a similar post on my best friend just two days back :)

    Loved visiting your wonderful blog Venice :)


  21. Thank you Prasad!! :)

  22. @ Chatterbox: Yay-yay-yay... happy that you liked it so much!! :) coming over to read your post now... and oh, I love it when ppl end with a 'Cheers' :D Cheers to you too Chatterbox!

  23. Hey there's an award for you waiting on my blog!

  24. "Life brings no joy like you- friend.
    Faith, fulfillment and prophecy, blend
    In the throb of a heart with it's own,
    A heart so familiar, where we are known."

    No wonder they say a friend is God's excuse for parents. ;)

    Cheers to your friendship..!


  25. Hey Charu, checking it now... got into your blog... Oh! oh, wow... so sweet!! Cherry on Top Award!! :) Thank you so so much Charu!! Oh my... it looks really yummy y'know :D Thank You!

  26. I love the lines you've written Kartz! Cool... Cheers!! :)

  27. sweet post .. always nice to have friendships that last a lifetime

  28. @ Dr. Roshan R: Friendships are sweet! and it would be great to see a friendship last for a long, long time! Thanks... :)


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