28 June, 2010

Cherry On Top Award

This really Cute Award is the 'Cherry On Top Award' presented to me by the dear Charu

Here it is

Cute, ain't it? :)

Now for The Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave this award to you

2. Copy the Award and put it on your Blog [Check]

3. List Three things that you love about yourself

4. Post a picture you love

5. Tag Five people you want to pass this award on to

------ Now to do accordingly,

1. Thankoo Charu :)

2. Has already been Done

3. Three things that I love about myself:
  • I am an eternal optimist, so that helps a lot
  • My ability to keep adapting to the situations around me
  • I like being a child-at-heart because that brings so much fun and joy in Life 

    4. Post a Picture you Love

    This picture has an aura of serenity and pure love - one can't help but Love it. I've always kept it as my Wallpaper on my Cell Phone.

    5. Tag Five people you wish to pass this award onto

    Oh-kay, this was a teeny-weeny bit tough and I found Four who I felt deserved this Award:

    Okie, okie, now that's all done - Cheers to the Famous Four :) 

    Pip-pip guys!

    Venice :)


    1. Came upon your blog and was glad this was the first post I read...you seem like a nice, bubbly personality...look forward to reading more of your writing - following you.

    2. Congrats on such a lovely award. Beautiful.

    3. *grin* You deserve it!

    4. omg thanks sweety..that was so nice of you :)
      yippeee I got an award :)

    5. Congratulations :)
      That's such a sweet picture :D
      Thank you very much dear for awarding me with this gorgeous award :)
      Keep up the wonderful work :)


    6. Hey-llo Corrine!! Welcome to my Blog :) First of all, you have a really nice, unique name! Second, Thank you for your 'cheery' words... I totally love praise ;) Se ya around!

    7. @ Priya: Tha-ank You, Tha-ank You!

      @ Charu: :) yipee-yip-yip.

    8. @ Lazy Pineapple: I love reading your posts... and you always have something of value to share with us in each of your posts. So, Congrats! :)

      @ Chatterbox: Heya :) Congrats and you deserve this Cute Award :) Cheers!!

    9. Hello Venice,
      first of all congrats to you for getting this cute award....and thanks a bunch for considering me for the same....I'm really honored ...and it's a more special for me coz it's the first one :)
      thanks again!

    10. venice congrats for such a nice award....and thnxs for not disclosing ma name as 5th person whom u r going to pass this award..

      cngrats and thnxs

    11. @ Saumya: Thank you :) It's a sweet-good feeling to receive an award for the first time, na? Cool for you!! Cheers girl! :)

      @ Mag[m]: Wow, you're a psychic, though this time you're a bit off the track, I never knew about you till now! Thanks for the 'congrats'!

    12. To me it seems that your award will work like a chain letter,

      provided each of these recipients who are sending it express the same optimism and ..... which would make those who come across it to not ignore it and continue the inertia.

    13. @ Zanil: Hi, it is kinda like a chain letter, isn't it? Well, it's fun and awesome to get such Awards :) I hope it goes on...


    It's always great to hear from you - drop me your thoughts below! Cheers :)