28 June, 2010

Cherry On Top Award

This really Cute Award is the 'Cherry On Top Award' presented to me by the dear Charu

Here it is

Cute, ain't it? :)

Now for The Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave this award to you

2. Copy the Award and put it on your Blog [Check]

3. List Three things that you love about yourself

4. Post a picture you love

5. Tag Five people you want to pass this award on to

------ Now to do accordingly,

1. Thankoo Charu :)

2. Has already been Done

3. Three things that I love about myself:
  • I am an eternal optimist, so that helps a lot
  • My ability to keep adapting to the situations around me
  • I like being a child-at-heart because that brings so much fun and joy in Life 

    4. Post a Picture you Love

    This picture has an aura of serenity and pure love - one can't help but Love it. I've always kept it as my Wallpaper on my Cell Phone.

    5. Tag Five people you wish to pass this award onto

    Oh-kay, this was a teeny-weeny bit tough and I found Four who I felt deserved this Award:

    Okie, okie, now that's all done - Cheers to the Famous Four :) 

    Pip-pip guys!

    Venice :)

    22 June, 2010

    My Best Friend

    How do you know who your Best Friend is? Change is constant and we all have been through times where we keep finding new friends and Best Friends... But some things stay the same for years. For me, till now, it's been my Best Friend - Somya! 

    Yesterday she wrote This very touching and a slightly funny Blog Post on our Friendship over the years... 10 years to be exact. It's wondrous the way a friendship weaves its course. My friendship with Somya has been laced with numerous ups and downs, twists and turns, fun and seriousness, worries and happy moments... and pure madness :D

    For starters, I hardly believed that opposites attract [when I was a kid], but when I came in touch with a live example - I couldn't help but agree to that phrase. Somya and I are totally opposite in our behaviours. She has always been the extrovert person with a charming personality, an awesome conversationalist - she could hold an interesting conversation with any random person she met!! Full of energy and zest she would zoom around the school talking to anyone she came across... Brilliant mind, a bit of an absent-minded professor though :P, add to that loads of confidence and wittiness - maybe it has something to do with her being a Gemini, but anyway...

    Now we come to me, the direct opposite of her - me, the introvert girl, shy, quiet, reserved, speaking only when necessary, no interest in mixing around with everyone, listening to other people talk, a tad bit lazy with a complete disinterest in debates - total opposites, huh? What drew me to her was her unpredictability when it came to doing anything... you never knew when she would change her mind and do something totally unexpected!! Her unpredictability has always kept me at the edge of my seat :D

    I think most people wondered how we, diametrically opposite people came to be the Best of Friends in a short span of time! It had me wondering too at that time. Over the years however, I realised what made us connect so well - mutual respect and understanding. Those two elements were the foundations of our friendship. After that came a penchant for philosophy... we would sit for hours discussing philo topics, we would also lightly jump from one topic to another... our minds were of an exact match - almost like 'twin minds', plus we had our periods of craziness where we would come up with wild ideas - those were really fun!! 

    At that age, bouts of jealousy too was a part of our friendship :) Since she was a gregarious person, most of the times, she would halt our progress to some destination because she would meet someone and then they would talk and talk and talk! There were times when [due to her absent-mindedness and me being a quiet person] she would forget that I was standing there! :D 

    Years rapidly sped by like a horse at the derby... before we knew it, we had finished with school and that's where our paths diverged... she went into Engineering while I pursued English Literature. For some years we kept in touch through letters... we would be innovative with each letter.. a ribbon attached, a favourite actor's photograph sent along... we would use glitter pens, sketch pens and crayons :) very sweet and cute!!

    To our great joy, my father was transferred to Pune and soon Somya too came there to complete her studies. We would meet from time to time and would hang out either at her college grounds or at our favourite haunt - McDonald's !! It was lovely to reconnect and have our intellectual talks. Nothing had changed [except that we had grown older and a bit wiser] :)

    One of the best aspects of our friendship was 'no expectations', we have always given each other 'space'... plus we've always been there for one another [it may sound a bit romantic, but such is our friendship!] Even with our differences, we have always stood on common ground.

    It's an exciting friendship, with two mad-hatters, what else could one imagine it to be? Right now, again distance is a real spoil-sport, but thanks to social networking sites and Google Talk, we connect every now and then, plus a cell phone call is always there to bridge the great divide. 

    Wow, I've written quite a lot, haven't I? I could write a lot more... but maybe this is enough.

    People always feel that childhood friends are the Best - they know you, inside-out... Quite true...

    I wonder what good deeds I've done to get a simply, truly absolutely loving Friend like YOU, Somya!! Thank you for being here in my Life.. Love You and Miss You!!!  

    Venice :) 

    P.S: This song is dedicated to you Somya!

    15 June, 2010

    The Butterfly and The Mirror

    Hither and Thither,
    Daintily she flew.
    From rough bough to soft petaled flower
    To calm lake and to the sky - a merry blue.

    On and on she flew,
    Enjoying the seasons as they passed her by.
    Through pleasant summer breeze
    To the harsh and bitter winter winds.

    She flitted and fluttered,
    Spreading her joyful colours.
    Happily conversing
    With everyone that passed by.

    Joyful she was,
    To have loyal friends.
    But her spirit deep inside
    To her did 'unsatisfied' cry.

    One day by chance,
    She met a strange 'thing'
    He stood there totally motionless,
    With Royal bearings like a King.

    He stood straight and tall
    And looked to her imposing.
    He looked at her, expressionless and grave
    Until she, venturing closer
    A near shock to her almost giving.

    For He was just Her!
    The Two of them combined.
    Their appearances were different
    And did set them apart,
    But their souls and values
    Were by an invisible cord entwined.

    Everyday they met
    And she would merrily chatter
    He listened patiently,
    Not a word, to break her flow, did he utter.

    She found in him,
    Her True Best Friend.
    A pure and natural Trust,
    Between them was divinely bound.
    A harmonious Love did around them surround,
    And kept them through all events,
    By each others sides.

    In him,
    She saw herself as she truly was.
    Her natural and pure nature
    Through him was reflected All.

    Nothing was left out
    And nothing was enhanced.
    He accepted her as she was,
    And let her be the same.

    Now all her days,
    Were filled with him.
    Each second and every minute,
    Had his name engraved,
    In her soft soul within.

    Each smile that she smiled,
    The shy twinkle in her eyes,
    The cute and lively dance of her spirit
    All originated in the realms of her heart,
    Whenever she thought of him.

    He remained unchanged [outwardly],
    Only now impatient,
    He would wait for her to come.
    Flying with those fairy wings,
    And looking like a tiny elf,
    She had enchanted him
    And had expertly weaved her special charm around,
    Exclusively for him. 

    An Angel divine, did she appear to him,
    Infusing him with Life.
    He could not reflect the joy he felt
    And so, at every coming moment,
    Hinted to her through subtle signs,
    Thereby drawing her closer to him.

    All he could genuinely do for her,
    Was to listen while she spoke,
    To give her support in abundance,
    He protected her from her threatening fears
    And stayed by her side till she subsided her tears.
    He was there for her, everyday
    Heedless to the endless days passing.

    They were happy together,
    She with him
    And him with she.
    Around each other,
    They lived their lives freely.
    Neither of them trespassed,
    The others' territory.

    A precious relationship,
    So pure and chaste
    Is thus in my imagination enshrined.
    Whenever my mind brings it forth,
    From my lips, escape a - Sigh!

    Venice :)