24 May, 2010


What is life all about?
Does it really matter to anyone?
When you do or say something of your own
Do you smile or do you frown?

Life can turn you upside-down,
It can make you laugh and cry.
As you go through all of this,
Do you truly feel Alive?

What brings happiness in your life?
Is it very dear to you?
If things don't seem to go your way,
Do you sit and feel terribly blue?

As each moment passes by,
A sliver of Life, says Goodbye.
Farewell to Life's absurdities,
Farewell to tarnished memories.

After all this, a Question lingers,
A question in most people's minds,
Will I be happy the way I lived,
When it's my turn - To Die?



  1. I am not very good at understanding such deep things, but still..I don't frown..I don't sit down.. I strive..Strive to do something which will make my dear ones feel special about me..Every moment..trying to get myself up to the next level..This makes my life a lil bit of a roller coaster but exciting at the same time..

  2. The last para .. well dunno about how you would feel, but there sure will be a lot of people who's lives became a lot brighter and happier, because of your presence, Vanessa.

    Cheers, and keep writing.

  3. oooo fantastic poem...
    We cannot bring back the past...what is ..is all now which will become past as the moments pass us by.

    I have written something in a similar vein...
    Questions about life

  4. oh but i dont die,it s just a lie,
    i pass on to a world light,out of sight,
    my mind is blank and my heart sank,
    but i did not die, Its not a lie.

    i ve just been alive,and I don't dread,
    in my living life I was actually dead
    I did know how time flies,
    moments were all but lies,

    I see You now and now I know,
    why You didn't ever show,
    in my heart i still cry,
    of questions unanswered why?

    help those who follow You at least,
    seize the moment of heist
    let the truth flow,
    with the nectar of life so,
    they can love and live tomorrow...

  5. I believe that the smallest and the most trivial things in life bring about most smiles :)
    And in those moments everything we did feels worth it :)

  6. The most important thing to realize about life is that its actually a very short journey, no warranty tag is attached to it. live it meaningfully and most importantly live the way you want not the way others wanted. It is actually very difficult to be yourself in a world where everyone wants to change you. Just cherish every moment of life, live it for today and don't waste it by worrying about tomorrow :) Cheers!

  7. Wow, I really admire your zest to keep going forwards in life Archie! It's good to know that there are people like you who keep trying new and different things, all the time trying to step higher and higher in life. Way to go!!!

  8. @ Neeraj: Those are charming lines Neeraj... Thank You :) Will keep peeking in to your blog for laughter sessions :D

  9. @Gyanban: Applause!!!! Amazing... 'in my living life, I was actually dead'... rings true sometimes. Thanks for sharing this, it has set my mind into finding new ideas!

  10. @ Kanishk: True, the tiny moments bring us the purest happiest times... which we go on to remember for a lifetime!

  11. @ Anto: Change keeps walking with us in life and it is a task sometimes to keep up and adjust with the changes happening... but in the end, if you learn to love life and pay attention to life's blessings, it makes life feel so precious and wonderful :)

  12. @ Lazy Pineapple: Cool! Your poem reflects some of the thoughts that glide through my mind every now and then... Nice of you to share it! Cheers :)

  13. Yes, true. You shall be happy the way you lived and followed your heart.

  14. What's the point of life? Does it matter at all? These are age old questions. George Carlin once wondered- "what if the entire focal point of man's existence is something as innocuous as creating plastic. Why did earth let man evolve? Because it couldn't make plastic on its own!"

    I have always held the belief that even acts of charity or goodwill are only ways of appeasing our own ego. We love because we want to be loved in return.

    But I believe thats perfectly alright. Whatever we do, we gotta when we are alive - Make mistakes, take risks and eternally pursue happiness. I do not know what lies on the other end of life - so i pursue this momnent. Not later.

    Nobody knows what the bigger picture is.

    So why not enjoy the smaller one :)

  15. venice that's a beautiful thought so deep yet so true....

  16. Happiness is purely a subjctive thing.I like the words:
    ..'A question in most people's minds,
    Will I be happy the way I lived,
    When it's my turn - To Die?
    A subtle truth.A very well worded poem.Deep thoughts.A nice blog.
    God bless.

  17. Questioning life! I guess it is always difficult to connect the dots looking forward, it is always easier to do it looking backwards! Trust yourself and move ahead... :)

  18. It's such a deep philosophy ... but yes it does happen ...when things doesn't go my way i do terribly deppressed !!

    Keep writing :)

  19. Life is a roller-coaster. You scream with joy. But you wince at the prospect of something terrible too.

    Life is a journey across the high seas... Fair and rough weather alike. As Masefield recounts - "To the gull's way and the whale's way where the wind's like a whetted knife;"

    However... All said and done. Life leaves you with a touch of uncertainty. Something which death doesn't. For, Death is *the* certainty. And when it comes... You are left wondering as to what hit you. You might feel life gave you things which are being taken away. As they say... "Maya". Or "Illusion".

    Deep lines. Keep them coming.

    Peace. Be well.

  20. @ S.R.Ayyangar: True... listen to your heart - it's paths are full of learning.

    @ Ficus: Wow, that's a lot of thinking!! and yeah at times, we do help others just to feel loved in return... plus the small things in life are so sweet...

  21. @ Meg: :) You've always given me the best insights about life and people... Thank You!

  22. @ Surjit: Hey, thanks.... I'm happy you find my blog and writings interesting :) Keep dropping by and do share your thoughts with me.

  23. @ Karan: It gets confusing at times, and in such times, your view on trusting ones' self and moving forwards - is the best thing to do!

    @ Sharmila: Well, I guess most people do get depressed, but then we adapt, we change, we move on and life always goes on... Nice to have you here Sharmila :)

  24. @ Kartz: Your though process is really good, plus Thanks for sharing those lines by Masefield - it was new to me and I'm glad you shared that line here.

    Y'know I never really compared life and death before, so your views about the two struck me as really thoughtful... I mean it's only now when you've pointed out that Life is full of uncertainties while death has that characteristic 'certain-ness' about it, that I realised how true the statement is!

    Keep sharing more insights with me :)

  25. Thank you for the kind words.

    Try reading Masfield's poetry. You might like them. They may not have the class of a Keats or a Wordsworth... But they sure are worth reading. The line I shared with you is from "Sea Fever".

    Well, life is indeed full of uncertainties. Which is what makes it more "worth living". Imagine if life was utterly predictable - it would be so morose. Monotonous... Yes, you may be excited first up - that you are able to "predict" life. But it is the uncertainty which gives us the feeling of being "human".

    The certainty of death is rather complex. It is certain, yes - but allow me to introduce a paradox. Although certain, it isn't certain as to when it will strike. Nain? But there is a "certain amount of certainty" that it will strike. Hence the odds are in favour of death being more certain than life. Allow me to elucidate...

    The birth of a new born brings so much happiness. One doesn't really appreciate the thought of the child's sudden demise. But God-forbid, if it does happen... What does it mean? Death was uncertain? Not really... Death *was* indeed certain (call it fate or anything). It's just that *life* decreed that happiness wouldn't linger around too much. That's uncertainty.

    Peace. Be well.

  26. hii..
    that was simple yet very deep ...
    liked your blog!!!

  27. Hey Kartz, will start reading Masefield soon... and your thoughts about life and death seem quite well thought out.. it's nice to see a different perspective to the theme of life and death!

    @ Vicious: Hiya! Nice of you to drop in :) and yay for liking my blog and post :D keep in touch!

  28. well, question may sound bad to ears but it always bring something good....even if the answer screws you up..........

    if it's good...it's good if it's messes it up....then you can obviously learn something while cleaning the mess............

    it's our life....and i believe taking the steering wheel in our hand ASAP.........depending on no one.........for making decisions ....and even if your decisions isn't the best...then work it out and make it the best........

    whining and sulking about life ain't gonna help anybody........

    woooaaahh.....i'm in the possibly the best positive mood of my life rite now....see i'm preaching.... :D

  29. Wow Hitesh... that's quite a lot of valuable philosophy!! Your examples to illustrate your points are interesting.. and who knows, maybe your alternate career could be that of a 'Preacher' ;)

  30. @ Gaurtalab: Heya...Thanks :)

  31. I want to LIVE till the day I could and when my days are about to end, I just want to leave an impression of my life.

  32. Anonymous10 June, 2010

    interesting, like it...

  33. @ Rajat: Nice thought... how are you planning to leave an impression of your life?

    @ Jesson: Thank You Jesson! Keep visiting.. :)

  34. A beautiful thought, nice one :)

  35. You make one glide on all along and then you stop us with a big daunting question!!
    "Did I?"
    I ain't sure if I lived the way I should have?
    Great Work!!
    Stay Connected-


  36. @ Dee: Thanks :)

    @ GvS: I'm reading this poem of mine after a very long time... and it's made me wonder, that when we are on our death beds... will we really be thinking this question? About being happy the way we've lived... because when we are there, in that moment itself - we will know how we lived by the way we feel right then.

    Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. Following you now on. Cheers :)


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