08 May, 2010

Song and Dance

I would truly love to sing
A delightful song full of love,
Something that would touch my heart
Which will make my pains depart.

I would love to brightly dance
A dance of sprightly spirit,
Swaying to my hearts music
So that my Life can feel it.

To have a merry life
With all my wishes coming true,
Reaching out to vivid dreams
That right now are too far to pursue.

To hold tight in my arms
Life's precious moments,
To fill my soul patiently
With divinely pure happiness.

But how would I learn?
To sincerely live life?
Were it not for my trials
That haunt me every night?

Those miseries that add twist
In a life so routine
Those troubles that help me understand
The value of life, for me - unseen?

True that it is tough
That in life I huff and puff,
Fairy-tales shall come and go
And troubles too shall follow so.

What makes the difference - is simply this
It's how I see my whole Life - as A Total Bliss!

Venice :)


  1. the roller coaster called life...well expressed

  2. Thank you Nalini! Life sure is a roller-coaster... with twists and turns... it scares you and yet you have fun! :)

  3. very true...its all about our attitude and perception...and how we take it...

  4. Anonymous08 May, 2010

    nice poem with powerful punchline !!

  5. @ Saumya: Yeah, our life depends on our perception towards all that happens around us each day.

    @ Binzy: Thank You Binzy! :)

  6. Great lines. :)
    I was wondering the story behind your name.

  7. Hey Indrani, Thanks for reading through my poem :) as for my name, it just popped into the mind of my friend [on a really lazy day]that a nick-name Venice would sound really interesting instead of calling me by my real name Vanessa :)

    The name Venice has stuck on ever since... :D

  8. why are the vivid dreams too far to pursue? :)

  9. @ Ficus: because I'm still stuck in reality, whereas those dreams are from another dimension.

  10. Wow....loved the poem but the pic made me nostalgic and also made me realise that the woods have changed quite a bit at Xavier's since my days!

  11. @ Psych Babbler: Glad to know that you liked the poem... Thank You!

    The pic of The Woods remain in every Xavierites camera... :) it is such a loving detail present in Xavier! Yeah, fond memories reside in this place... I hope the Woods have changed for the better!


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