16 May, 2010

8th Photo Folder, 8th Photo Tag

 This bit of fun was introduced to me by Hitesh .. Thanks Hitesh :) Oh-kay, all you have to do is:

1. Go to your photo files and select the 8th photo folder

2. Then, select the 8th photo in that folder

3. Post that photo along with a story of the photo

4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

Fun, na? :)

Here's the lucky photo that got to be here -

This was taken around December, 2008 when our XIC - Public Relations and Corporate Communication class went for our Class Trip to the beautiful, natural and clean Matheran! Ooooh, such nice memories are sweeping through my mind now... okay, okay, back to the story...

I liked the outlines of the hills here and so had stopped to capture them... This photo was taken while we were walking from Dasturi point to Matheran... it was too good, the cool pleasant air was a respite from the sticky, humid and polluted Mumbai heat! [I still love Mumbai, after all this]...

Going on with the story, we came across really mischievous monkeys... most of us were carrying food packages in our hands and there were several incidents where those dratted monkeys came bounding out of the air, snatched our food packages and sprinted off... [they should be put in the Olympics for their stunts and athletic abilities]

One monkey came upon me so suddenly, while I was busy admiring the scenery... before I knew it, my friend yelled out a warning to me and in the same instant, the monkey grabbed at my food package, I tried to hold on, but one massive wrench from the monkey's side and all I had then was, shredded bits of my package with all my food gone! :(

Anyway, our Matheran trip was one of the most memorable, fun times I have come across in life! Will cherish it, always :)

The people I am Tagging are:

Megha, Liva, Nonce Rock, Chris, Purba, Sourav, Jessica and Sujay  I've tagged you guys, so go ahead, post a pic and share your picture-perfect story :)


Venice :)


  1. Can't believe it.....the monkey beat you..... :)

    this will last for days.... :)
    Matheran is a nice place....have seen a couple of movies being shot ther.......though haven't been the place.....

    good one....\,,/

  2. Nice..! i like the concept

  3. @ Hitesh: :D the monkey was experienced at snatching peoples belongings! Try to go to Matheran, it's a very peaceful and lovely place!

    @ Anirudh: You can carry it on... tag people and tell us a nice picture story! It's amazing cuz, all those nice memories come back when you find a pic!

  4. Why do I get the feel that your 8th pic was something else :P :P

    Anyways, monkey stories are abound in Matheran. Infact your story is like ours when we lost Rs.1000 ka desserts, snacks etc to the damn monkeys. LOL. And all this were gifts to be given to others! sigh.

  5. @ Sorcerer: Thanks.. I wanted to get a better pic of the mountains but one more step and I would be whooshing down the valley :D so I had to be content with this angle.

    @ Nishant: Well, you are partly right, my eighth pic was something else...but in a different way. Actually, I wanted to put the ninth pic over here... but that wouldn't have been fair :) so I had to put this one [the 8th] pic for this blog post. The monkeys na, troublesome they are!

  6. YOu got a surprise waiting for you in my blog


  7. @ Wanderer: I Loved the surprise!! :) Thank You!


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