24 May, 2010


What is life all about?
Does it really matter to anyone?
When you do or say something of your own
Do you smile or do you frown?

Life can turn you upside-down,
It can make you laugh and cry.
As you go through all of this,
Do you truly feel Alive?

What brings happiness in your life?
Is it very dear to you?
If things don't seem to go your way,
Do you sit and feel terribly blue?

As each moment passes by,
A sliver of Life, says Goodbye.
Farewell to Life's absurdities,
Farewell to tarnished memories.

After all this, a Question lingers,
A question in most people's minds,
Will I be happy the way I lived,
When it's my turn - To Die?


20 May, 2010

My First Blog Award!!

I seriously, seriously am unable to pour out words here to describe how excited I am to receive this award for my Blog!!! In addition, I feel like giving a Beeg Beeg [Big Big] Bear Hug to Wanderer for considering me for this awesome Award! Thank you a million trillion times Wanderer :)

I'm proud to display my First Blog Award

And now to follow the set conditions, the 7 things I would like to share are:

1. I simply love surprises [not very fond of the bad ones - out of human nature, y'know... but the good ones are super-duper thrilling!

2. Day-dreaming is one of my favorite occupations...gives me a chance to see different angles to possible future events

3. My childhood LOVE - BOOKS!!! They have been my faithful companions through high and low, boring and noisy situations...

4. Totally in love with whistling out my favorite songs and tunes at random moments... though I limit my whistling when in Mumbai - for my own safety

5. Writing has always been an integral part of my life and will always be.

6. I always plan to sleep early, every night! Sadly, haven't followed through with that plan till date... wondering if I ever will!

7. My Scrap-book has been craving my attention since the past few weeks... It feels really jealous of my Blog now :P

Oh-kay, now the Bloggers who I feel deserve this Award are:




Sourav C. Pandey


The Virgin Author

Psych Babbler







Nothing but "Ficus"

Paranormal ME

Cheers guys!!! :)

All the recipients are requested to pass on this piece of honor to others, they know of, some one who is worthy of it.

Read the following rules and do as directed:


- Thank the person who gave you this award.
- Share 7 things about yourself.
- Pass the award to 15 bloggers who you've recently discovered and who you think are fantastic
- Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

Venice :)

16 May, 2010

8th Photo Folder, 8th Photo Tag

 This bit of fun was introduced to me by Hitesh .. Thanks Hitesh :) Oh-kay, all you have to do is:

1. Go to your photo files and select the 8th photo folder

2. Then, select the 8th photo in that folder

3. Post that photo along with a story of the photo

4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

Fun, na? :)

Here's the lucky photo that got to be here -

This was taken around December, 2008 when our XIC - Public Relations and Corporate Communication class went for our Class Trip to the beautiful, natural and clean Matheran! Ooooh, such nice memories are sweeping through my mind now... okay, okay, back to the story...

I liked the outlines of the hills here and so had stopped to capture them... This photo was taken while we were walking from Dasturi point to Matheran... it was too good, the cool pleasant air was a respite from the sticky, humid and polluted Mumbai heat! [I still love Mumbai, after all this]...

Going on with the story, we came across really mischievous monkeys... most of us were carrying food packages in our hands and there were several incidents where those dratted monkeys came bounding out of the air, snatched our food packages and sprinted off... [they should be put in the Olympics for their stunts and athletic abilities]

One monkey came upon me so suddenly, while I was busy admiring the scenery... before I knew it, my friend yelled out a warning to me and in the same instant, the monkey grabbed at my food package, I tried to hold on, but one massive wrench from the monkey's side and all I had then was, shredded bits of my package with all my food gone! :(

Anyway, our Matheran trip was one of the most memorable, fun times I have come across in life! Will cherish it, always :)

The people I am Tagging are:

Megha, Liva, Nonce Rock, Chris, Purba, Sourav, Jessica and Sujay  I've tagged you guys, so go ahead, post a pic and share your picture-perfect story :)


Venice :)

12 May, 2010

Fatigue Phases

Most of us go through periods of tiredness and exhaustion... This blog post: Over Cups of Coffee: Tired reminded me of those days at Xavier Institute of Communications [XIC] where the assignments would take up most of our time... we would be struggling till early morning trying to complete tasks which seemed to multiply our errors committed while completing them!

Then came the phase of work... which at times hardly gave us enough time to take in a lungful of air... heads bent down, fingers furiously typing on the keyboard, plus attending to calls from clients along with tasks and plans set by our bosses...

The result by the end of the day pictured slouching shoulders, drooping eyelids, slow-tired speech, aches that reached the tiny muscles of the toes and finally collapsing on the messy, unmade bed - unaware of sleeping in ones office clothes...

08 May, 2010

Song and Dance

I would truly love to sing
A delightful song full of love,
Something that would touch my heart
Which will make my pains depart.

I would love to brightly dance
A dance of sprightly spirit,
Swaying to my hearts music
So that my Life can feel it.

To have a merry life
With all my wishes coming true,
Reaching out to vivid dreams
That right now are too far to pursue.

To hold tight in my arms
Life's precious moments,
To fill my soul patiently
With divinely pure happiness.

But how would I learn?
To sincerely live life?
Were it not for my trials
That haunt me every night?

Those miseries that add twist
In a life so routine
Those troubles that help me understand
The value of life, for me - unseen?

True that it is tough
That in life I huff and puff,
Fairy-tales shall come and go
And troubles too shall follow so.

What makes the difference - is simply this
It's how I see my whole Life - as A Total Bliss!

Venice :)

04 May, 2010

Forging on...

I want to forget
How stupid I have been.
The nonsense I thought,
Imagined and seen.

I want to shut the door
On those distant memories
Which trouble and worry me
Each day and night, endlessly.

But every time that image 
Comes before my eyes,
I forget everything
And my happiness deny.
How am I to break away?
I wonder if I will ever be okay.

I thought I knew myself,
But  now I'm not so sure.
I hate the uncertainty and the mystery
For once, I want to know.
I no longer want to grope around
In the frightening dark,
Trying to find something
That I don't even know about.

I don't want to be distracted
I don't want to feel helpless.
I need to reach the targets that I have set,
And to be the person whom in my dreams I've met.

I am striving to forget all my stupid mistakes
But I am trying to learn from them, 
Each day for as long as it takes.
I know that I will do well and that I will go far,
And that the child in me will be proud to see
How far I have come and what I've come to be.