14 April, 2010

Moons - My Doll

I treasure this memory – seeing my little sister for the first time. After a mad day at school, on returning home, instead of my mother I found my aunt waiting for me. I wondered what was going on, but my aunt focused on hurrying me up with my tea didn’t say much. She took me to the maternity center and while waiting there, a nurse came out carrying a tiny child who was screaming wildly and displaying its martial arts skills, by kicking in every direction possible. I looked at it in amusement when my aunt leaned over and said to me, “That’s your sister”…

You know those moments, where time stands still – and that moment feels like eternity? That’s how I felt when I looked at my younger sister. Oh the feeling… It would be difficult to express the feeling even in a million words. To see my sister, my little-bittle sister… so tiny, delicate and adorable. The nurse brought her wrapped in a soft cloth; my aunt took her and placed her in my arms. Her eyes were shut, her tiny mouth was a subtle shade of pink and she looked every bit like a miniature doll. I was proud to be the First one in my family to hold my sister! Oooh, so cute that moment was… :)

In the days that followed, I would wait impatiently for the last bell of school to ring, so that I could rush home and be by her side. Plus, it was great to see my friends fawning all over her! Those infant days of hers were full of fun! Her gurgles, mischievousness and twinkling eyes made all the days seem totally happy!

Then she started growing up and oh my… with that started our fights and quarrels! At first it was more of fighting for no reason at all – there were funny moments though – sometimes while giving her a good shake, it would seem funny to see her head go bobbing and we would end up laughing out and would forget about the whole thing.

But then, few years later, we began fighting for all the materialistic stuff – the T.V, a book, the music player, the internet etc. It didn't help that both of us were short-tempered... if one provoked the other, that was it! The verbal swords would be drawn and a battle of wits would ensue.

However, after all this, we still stood by each others side, especially if one of us was going through a hard time. If one of us were facing the music from parents for some mistake, we stood together… a slice of harmony was present then, a moment of understanding and a cord of sisterly love that bound us to one another.

We are different in our own ways, it’s just wonderful – magical almost – the way we accept each other as we are. It’s been amazing to see this little wild child grow up. From a diminutive doll she has now become one of the most genuine people I have ever known. Her charming nature, vivaciousness, spunk, generosity, her loyalty towards people she loves, her weird sense of humor and best of all her contagious laughter – all make her one person I wouldn’t be able to live without.

My little sister – You are truly adorable!


  1. heart warming write-up!...loved your style

  2. Hi Nalini, Thanks :) trying to come up with some more posts soon... see you!

  3. Sweet....Made me smile..! :D

  4. Hey rahulamigo... nice of you... thanks :) will try and write more posts that make people smile :)

  5. hey its a lovely lovely post....

  6. @ Woods: :) Thank You!

  7. Reminded me of my li'l as well big fights with my li'l brother and how we used to team up against my mom who actually came to mediate :)