28 February, 2010

Trainee Home-Maker

FOREWORD: The following narrative on a home-maker’s life may not correspond with every home-maker.

I’ve been sitting at home since the past two months now… and never before did I know that being at home could mean having a full-time job! Right from waking up at 6.30 a.m early morning everyday to fill drinking water… to cleaning up after dinner at 9.45 p.m, the chores march around in my daily life!

If you thought there’s nothing much to do at home, well, phew…all I can tell you is, most of us are blind to a Home-makers life. The kids mostly come first, if there are kids… readying them up for school, preparing breakfast, packing their tiffins [snack-boxes], combing their hair and tying their shoe-laces [if they are tiny tots], and then dropping them off at school [if there’s no school bus].

Then you come back home, and have your own breakfast – trying to subdue the hungry stomach by now. Then comes cleaning up the table, taking out the garbage, straightening the beds and bedcovers…phew… think it’s time for some rest? I don’t think so!

Next on, you’ve got to wash all the clothes… laundry stuff… iron out some clothes. Thankfully, the servant does up the dishes and sweeps and swabs the house. While she’s busy, you get some time to relax and read the news-paper, but hey.. you find the door-bell and phone ringing at the same time! You decide to get the door first, [whoever’s on the phone will call back], you open the door to find the cable guy with the bill for the month… argh, money, money – that’s what everyone runs behind [you think to yourself] while you hand over the money to your toothy-grinning pest of a cable guy! It’s good that you’ve got DishTV, [DTH TV] whereas first, the local cable guy asked you to pay the whole amount even after setting only half the channels on the TV.

You get back to your news-paper [Hindustan Times or TOI], when the telephone rings, you get up, reluctantly from the cozy comforts of the sofa and attend to the call… It’s a wrong number! Freak, you wonder, can’t people check the number they dial before troubling others!! Nincompoops of a mankind!!

The servant trots off to do up another home, while you finally hang those boring clothes to dry. Once that is done, you heave a sigh of relief [even if it’s a washing machine, I’m sure everyone lets out a happy sigh after clothes are done!] Getting back, you see that it’s time to prepare the lunch and send the dabba [lunch-box] for your husband/ father/ brother/ sister/ daughter who are busy at work. If you have a driver, good, you can send the dabba with him or else, go back to the early morning shift on your time-table and send the lunch when the above family members are leaving for their workplaces.

Ah, another item out of the way… you have your lunch and after half an hour or so, lay down for a nice afternoon nap… but not for long, the doorbell starts ringing again… you find the courier guy standing there [couriers always mostly come in the afternoon… this atrocious timing should be banned you feel], you go back to snoozing for sometime, when before you know it, it’s time to get your kids/ sister/ brother from school!! You reach their school on time and find them chatting nineteen to the dozen – to you??? No, no… they’re busy chatting with their friends! [how much can one talk to the same people for 6 hours, you think!! There’s never been an answer to that one]

You stop for groceries on the way back home… on some days it might be the vegetable and fruit market too… And then, you finally reach home! Well, what do you know, it’s almost tea-time… you dance inside the kitchen getting tea and snacks ready for your hungry lot of kids and siblings… you then sit down thankfully, with a nice hot cup of tea and sip, savoring each drop of tea. That rejuvenates you and you listen to your kids tales of ‘what-happened-today-at school’ with a refreshed mind and spirit. Believe me, you need to be fresh and energized while listening to those events [because those kids are so excited to know what you think of them!] you wouldn’t have the heart to tell them in a heavily-drugged kind of voice “Yes, yes… ve-ry good job…zzzzzz, snore, grunt! So that’s why, the tea is really important, or coffee or whatever wakes you up.

Evening is one of the best parts of a home-makers life, you go for your daily walk and talk [walk around the society and talk with your friends from the society]. A nice healthy way to spend time outdoor.

You come back home after one hour of walk and talk with friends, to prepare dinner. Again, the rigmarole, another set of dance moves in the kitchen and voila, dinner is ready! [It does take time of course, don’t forget that]. Dinner is good, the family is there, stories of the day are told, jokes are shared and everyone has a merry time [of course though, the sullen, tired days are there too, where some family member has had a rough day, but those are another story].

Once dinner is done, you set about cleaning up the table and setting things in order in the kitchen. You remember to keep the milk bag out [in order for the milk-man to drop a packet of milk for the family tomorrow morning] and then, you get ready to get to bed. You let out a satisfied sigh [mixed with relief and tiredness] as the first signs of sleep traipse around your sub-conscious mind!

There are a few other things of course that are involved in a home-maker's life – managing finances for the home, organizing the daily tasks, keeping track of the budget, watching out for the members of the family, seeing to their needs… etc.

Right now, I’m a Home-maker in training… so far it’s been fairly fun and tiring at the same time. Hope I get better in this full-time job! ;)


Venice :)

16 February, 2010

Chose to Choose

Oprah Winfrey: “Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning - one that leads you toward becoming the fullest human being you can be.”

It’s been three long months since I last wrote a blog-post. I missed writing it a lot… well, now that things are getting back to normal and I feel like I’m actually living again, it’s nice to return to a place of utmost comfort - writing.

So many changes come about our lives… one thing leads to another, you get so caught up in all of that, that for a period of time, you forget that you even have a life to live! Routine sets in so easily sometimes and if you ever get out of it, you wonder, ‘How did I get myself into a scheduled world?’ Was it just because of peer pressure? Or was it because, you simply had no other way to go? Could it have been that you felt that following a set pattern would really ease things up for you? Oh, it could be truckloads of reasons… but at the end of it, one does stop to question if what one is doing is right.

Questions, mainly lead to choices and decisions. Our choices lead us to discover avenues that display diverse hues of life’s situations… it’s so magical all of it. No one really knows what one is getting into when one decides to tread forward on a certain path. One decision of yours could enamour you with rosy tints of life, or you may be confronted with the moody dull blues and dark greys of slow living, you could also have episodic spells of elation and monotony from time to time – giving you quite a multi-colored look to life… then suddenly the canvas of life changes to a mammoth range of inky black shades that leave you feeling heavily burdened down… all these options – due to one Choice.

I’m sure however, that most of you have encountered the fortune of making that ONE choice, which seemed to resonate with confidence in your hearts. These kinds of choices don’t seem to be right or wrong. They just Are. The kind of Choice here is the One that feels absolutely in harmony with one’s soul. You wouldn’t even think once before choosing it. A choice like this loyally leads one to moments that one only imagines in the realms of sleepy hours. This soul blessed Choice consistently positions one at life’s favorable places, at the opportune time and among the best loved people in ones’ life. Magically!

Not all of life is a fantasy… your choices however, can create innumerable joyful fairy-tale moments of life if you wished for it! As Wayne Dyer put it: “Heaven on earth is a choice you must make, not a place we must find.”

Happy Choosing!

Venice :)